View Full Version : Fine Tuning my W/Mo PvP Build

03-06-2005, 20:42
This is what I have so far:

Healing Prayers: 6
Sterngth: 12
Axe Mastery 12 +1 rune

Cyclone Axe
Executioners Strike
Power Attack
Live Vicariously
Healing Breeze
Orison of Healing
Ressurection Signet


My main goal is to be able to tank but at the same time wack a fine punch. With Live Vicariously turned on, I can gain health easily when in groups using cyclone axe. My first 4 specials have an average of around 45dmg and with axe's high crit rate they can go upto 111dmg. My main problem is healing, Im mostly dependent on others to heal because I only have 22 energy at the most and prison of healing only heals me for 40 hp. Now im extremely tempted to get rid of Live Vicoriously unless I combine that combo with a zealous axe. Now any suggestions with improvements on skills or even equipment would be greatly appreciated.

03-06-2005, 21:27
cyclone axe is bad in pvp, so is using selfheals. in addition tanking in pvp is worthless. you need a superior axe rune.

04-06-2005, 08:12
If tanking, using self heals, and using cyclone axe is bad what else should I take?

Torm Shadowbane
04-06-2005, 12:14
Eviscerate is fine.

Cyclone Axe is bad. Drop that and take Distracting Blow or Disrupting Chop.

Executioners Strike this is good.

Power Attack this is fine.

Live Vicariously this isn't as good. Drop this, replace it with Axe Rake if no one else in your group has a way to slow moving targets. If they have something for that and don't need your additional ability to slow targets, take another damage dealing skill of your choice.

Healing Breeze this is iffy. Generally speaking not-so-good. Can be used to counter massive degen, though, but I would drop it and take Mend Ailment instead. You will most likely get blinded, and you can bank on getting poisoned or diseased. Mend Ailment will give you a slight heal and remove the condition.

Orison of Healing drop this. It isn't worth your energy or time. I'd replace that with Judge's Insight for +20% Armor Penetration, but you'd need to boost up Smiting Skills for that to be really effective.

Resurrection Signet this is iffy. Generally speaking I don't like Monk secondaries to bring Res Signet as it can only be used once, but you get a lot of moral boosts in Tombs. That makes Res Signet more useful than normal, so it is really up to you. I would suggest talking it over with your team and seeing what they are bringing.

04-06-2005, 16:28
Don't tell him Eviscerate is fine. It's crap. Deep Wound gets removed and bam, you're left with an elite version of Executioner's Strike. Use Cleave or Battle Rage instead.

And whatever you do, carry Disrupting Chop. Monk's cast spells very often, so it's not that hard to nail an Orison or Word with this skill. It is a VITAL skill for axe Warrior's.

Switch to Smiting, and run a 12/10/8 spread in Axe/Str/Smite. Judge's Insight and/or Strength of Honor is what you're aiming for really. Warrior's in PvP are not tanks, they're cannons, and these spells give you added umph behind your attacks.

Skills to consider are Wild Blow, Penetrating Blow, Dismember, and Axe Rake. Axe's have alot of adrenaline based skills, so use them.

Torm Shadowbane
04-06-2005, 20:14
Eviscerate is NOT crap. You are right Deep Wound can be removed... so what? First of all you need Deep Wound to use several of the other axe skills. Eviscerate does more damage than Cleave plus gives a Deep Wound. Without Eviscerate (which using that allows you to drop Dismember) skills like Axe Rake become useless. Just because Deep Wound can be removed doesn't mean Eviscerate is crap. That's like saying Poison is crap because it can be removed easily.

Dismember is crap if you have Eviscerate. Wild Blow is… meh. Axe skills, as you pointed out, are heavily adrenaline based -- Wild Blow causes you to lose all adrenaline. I'd much rather be building up for another Eviscerate or Executioners Strike than to throw all my adrenaline away. (Although, I suppose that comes down to personal preference and other skills in your line-up...)

I agree with Herthbul's numbers and suggestions on Judge's Insight and Strength of Honor. Just make sure you also carry Mend Ailment to remove blind. If you are a W/Mo and don't carry Mend Ailment you deserve to be slapped. Also make sure you carry the ability to Res. I wouldn't bother with Res Signet unless you get into a GOOD group who can get constant moral boosts. Otherwise stick to Restore Life.