View Full Version : Mo/Me Pure Flesh Golem Farm Build - Leave comments

04-06-2005, 12:44

Domination Magic: 11
Smiting Prayers: 10
Healing: 10

1: Shatter Hex
2: Smite Hex
3: Symbol of Wrath
4: Chaos Storm
5: Healing Hands
6: Orison of Healing
7: Wastrel's Worry
8: Healing Breeze

The point is to get 4 flesh golems on you,
and now they cast hex's so fast on you, so you use Smite hex and Shatter hex and there down to -200 hp, then Symbol of wrath and chaos storm and there pretty much dead.
Use Wastrel's Worry to finish any one not dead.
Healing hands, Orison of Healing, and Healing breeze are only so you can tank them long enough to pull off the skills.

Comments please.

~ You can also use Me/Mo but leveling would be much harder.

Edit: Which should I use as my main, Me or Mo?