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06-06-2005, 18:04
I beat Glint with a party of henchmen. :happy65:

So it is possible with just henchmen! :happy65:

How did I do it?
I took 1 skill that inturrupts skills, since I'm a ranger I took Concussion Shot. So take whatever you can that you can either cast, or activate quickly. (I imagine, if you're a Warrior with no ranged inturruption skills, then you'll need a second person to do this part for you.) Then, grab a Dragon Egg and don't let go of this little beauty, as it will keep Glint's focus on you the whole battle. Run a circle around Glint keeping her in your circle of agression. While the warriors and casters beat her down, she's going to ignore them and keep comming for you. When you see her attempting to use Crystal Hybernation that's when you want to stop, drop the Dragon Egg and inturrupt her with your skill. Then, pick up the Dragon Egg again, and continue to run a circle around her.

If one of your party should happen to fall, don't worry about them as they will eventually be resurected by your henchmen. Also, Glint will start casting Crystal Bonds on you when she gets down to 25% health. Don't let this bother you, especially if you have Charge or Stormchaser or whatever else to give you haste. As it turns out, I didn't think about this when I was planning my skills because I didn't know she would use that particular skill. So I just kept running around her, slowly and getting nuked but the henchmen kept healing me. I only had 350 hitpoints total when I did this.

So there you have it, run in circles, stop, drop and disrupt her Crystal Hybernation, pick up the Dragon Egg, repeat.

Tip: When you run around Glint...Try dodging left and right a couple of steps. It'll help you avoid some rather nasty damage. If you can't, no big deal because the henchmen will be running behind you healing.

Happy questing,
Leith Underwood


06-06-2005, 21:57
Nice job m

07-06-2005, 07:41
Nice job m

Thanks! :)

05-07-2005, 21:30
haha, i did this the other day. Same sort of tactics. Didn't think it was that hard, or that big a deal. Just realized how many people were having trouble with this quest, lol. Wish I would have taken a screen shot, oh well.

Hunter Noventa
05-07-2005, 23:49
It would be even easier with two people. One tank to run around with the egg, and one other person to interrupt for you.

Still, kudos on a job well done.

Maximus Bellator
07-07-2005, 01:39
I finally killed her too. I had tried four times previously, but disorganized pick up teams dont = teh win. So I changed my strategy this time using....

Weakness + Disrupting Chop.

I used protective bond on the egg holder as long as I could maintain it and started wailing on her. I got enough adrenaline for a dismember followed by the axe twist to inflict weakness. With weakness on her, she was hitting me for a measly 34 damage with her, usually thats a triple digit number. Couple that with a few nicely time disrupting chops to stop her f rom using her aoe + heals and she went down like cake.

Here's me attempting to dance on her corpse. (sorry for size, I roll on 1920x1200 widescreen)

I really wanted to see what the cinematic would be if you killed her, but there was nothing...you just stand there in her cave afterwards :(