View Full Version : When to get new armor

06-06-2005, 20:54
Didn't know where to categorize this, so I'll just put it here.

Anyway, I was just wondering at what points you should craft new armors. From Ascalon City to Yak's Bend, I noticed the AL didn't change at all even though they offered at least one newer armor. Should I bother getting the more expensive one at Yak's, or keep doing missions until the next area (whenever that is)?

At what points in the game do the AL's increase and how long should you wait to get the next best thing?

The reason I'm asking is because some crafting material (AHEM* Fur) isn't exactly easy to come by at the moment and if I'm gonna spend material only to find out that a few missions later I get better armor needing that same material, I'd rather hold off until then, you know? At least if its not that long of a wait...

(additional question: Does fur become easier to find in the later game, or is it pretty much the same? The only way I know of how to get it now is Charr hides... is there another source?)

Thanks for the help in advance