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08-06-2005, 06:21
I have finished ascension as a ME/MO and capped a spell called Illusionary Weaponry, now if this only counts on melee weopons what use does this have to a Mesmer

08-06-2005, 06:37
Well, you'll be effective with Melee weapons, I guess.

Illusionary Weaponry is an interesting skill, primarily because it deals damage even if you "miss" with your weapon swing. Was your attack blocked? Doesn't matter, you deal damage. Was your attack evaded? Doesn't matter, you deal damage. Are you Blind? Doesn't matter, you deal damage. It sidesteps Retribution and other skills which "reflect" damage back to the attacker. It also does a consistent damage (34 points at a 12 Illusion Magic) instead of a damage range (like a weapon) and never deals a critical hit (although it still will deal double damage against frenzied opponents). Its primary utility is combining it with increased attack speed (Tiger's Fury, Flurry, etc.) and a fast weapon. You can also use it with Cyclone Axe to hit a wide swath of opponents. I'm currently using it on my W/Me to deal damage when I'm blinded or when status/stances prevent me from attacking a creature.

08-06-2005, 06:49
the problem is mesmers are frail beings compared to the enemies who use melee, the skill does alot of damage but i still get pwned

Yanna Fairhame
08-06-2005, 11:20
if you go all out illusion build with inpiration to back you up you can become almost untoppable.

maxing out illusion at 16 makes illusionary weapondy deal 42 chaos damage that ignors armor. it has a 40 second recast and lasts 30 sec... you'll want to equip a weapon with +15% or higher enchantment length to make it last closer to 40 sec...

If you have this high of illusion magic... the Distortion stance gives you 5 sec of 75% chance enemies will miss with melee attaacks.. each time they miss you lose 1 energy.

Say you get attacked by 2 warriors... throw up spirit of failure on them and they now have a 25% chance to miss and if they do you get 4 energy... if they get through that.. then they have to get past distiortion.. they are rolled speratly....

you use spirit of failure, drain enchantment, energy tap to gain energy back so you can keep up distortion.

using channeling to buffer illusionary weapondry is a good idea... it will also help drain energy from whoever you are attacking making distortion last longer.

and as a back up for healing you use illusion of weakness... at 16 illusion it will heal you for 256 hp if you drop to 25% of your max hp.. this is normaly enough of a boost to win a fight with one or two warrior monks that thought they could kill this weak lil mesmer.

try it out some time.. overpowering tanks is hella fun.

Fire Childe
08-06-2005, 14:56
illusionary weaponry can be stripped like any enchantment though. this is the biggest problem with it. if it does get stripped early on you lose your dmg dealing potential for at least 30 seconds.

you can get around this somewhat in 2 ways.

first is most suitable against mesmer type opponents with single enchantment strips.

running more enchants on you lessens the chance that the 1 enchantment that is stripped is IW. good ones to run are illusion of weakness and channelling. illusion of weakness at 12 illusion will give you another 202 hp effectively and its a permanent enchant that you run on yourself. therefore you constantly get the effects of longer enchantment weapon mods and +health whilst enchanted.

the second is to build the second half of your character to take into account of when IW does get stripped. necros have mass enchant stripping so if you are up against a curses necro they can wreck your entire build no matter how many enchants you run on yourself. a good combo to switch between is interrupt/energy drain. you cant use warrior 'to hit' interrupts with IW but it means you can function in a secondary role in the event that the s**t hits the fan so to speak. if IW is stripped you can slow your opponent down with energy drain/burn and interrupt their casts (i tend to prefer warrior interrupts for this purpose such as savage slash and distracting blow). once you have harassed a priority opponent to near 0 mana you can switch on IW and let the damage roll out. priority targets in this case would be mass enchant strippers. the interrupt will also be useful for the rest of your team.

lastly if you are a Me/W or W/Me most attack skills wont work with IW because most require to hit. if you are taking on tanks, deadly riposte is a nice skill to bring along. it requires mana and is cheap. it causes bleeding and deals the extra damage when you get hit and the bleed duration is loooong. thats -3 pips of health degen. which you can make alot worse with -5 pips of health degen from conjure phantasm (conveniently on the illusion line). and hitting for 42 chaos dmg per hit that ignores to hit conditions at flurry speed. thats alot of damage. and best of all, deadly riposte works perfectly with IW. distracting blow no longer works with IW which is a shame because that was a great combo skill to dish damage and interrupt at the same time. you can use mesmer interrupts but i find ones like power drain have far too long a cooldown. and the rest are in domination. seeing as you are putting so much into illusion its debateable whether you can find the attribute points to keep for another skill line.

08-06-2005, 15:46
I have finished ascension as a ME/MO and capped a spell called Illusionary Weaponry, now if this only counts on melee weopons what use does this have to a Mesmer
Le sigh, You just dont understand Illusionary and what its used for.
For one thing yes, a Mesmer is not a tank, cant take too much damage, and thats why he has Distortion.

Just think of a Mes/Warrior build like a rogue, to charge thru enemy lines and disables the support classes and then kills them.

Like everyone has said

Illu Weap : ignores amour class, not effected by "evasion" and "blocks" does constant damage. That topped up with Flurry does as much as a warrior would in a single blow.

And if a warrior realizes it and tries to hit you, just turn on distortion. And then cast empathy and conjure phantasm on him and wait pray that your illusionary weapon is close to charging up for the next opponent.

As tho most other classes have a weakness to another type of class... a mesmer warrior's death would be a ranger or a necromancer.

Rangers would be able to strip them of the sprint which they rely on to get to the enemy fast and stopping them from supporting, or a necromancer that just strips away all your enchantments and gives you and your friends all the hexes you gave to him.

After you do get Illu Weapon tho, dont grow to be too dependant on it.

Mirali Sanova
08-06-2005, 16:02
Can Illusionary Weaponry be used with bows?

08-06-2005, 16:05
Can Illusionary Weaponry be used with bows?Sorry luv, only melee weapons :)