View Full Version : Anyone Else Having Problems Getting Drops?

Elkon Vryce
09-06-2005, 17:40
I seem to have no luck in getting drops that are any good, meaning i do not get Runes that much (i have only unlocked 4 so far and 1 of those was a minor vigor that I could use the rest were for other classes and were all major runes) and never get rare or gold items. I always seem to get seeds or shells or some lamo grim cesta or hand axe. it really bothers me in a way as when I go out with other players in groups for missions or bonus quests I always have 1 or 2 and once 3 people in the team get rare gold armour or weapons drops! what did i get? seeds............

is anyone else having this same sort of problem not getting any good drops or is my luck attribute missing??(i know luck isnt an attirbute but it certainly seems that way to me)

the other point is yes i COULD buy stuff but I only have like 15 k so far and i play like 2 hrs a night!

im a level 20 w/mo and am about to ascend or start that path anyhow...

and yes i have gone out many times with a few henches to see if my luck changes and i get even less drops and almost no gold drops.....

09-06-2005, 17:42
Yes, maybe I'm just bad luck though... hehehe. I have 120+ hours on my mesmer and have found only a few major runes, never a superior. My new character just reached Druid's Outlook and has found 1 major. I have probably 150+ hours invested in both characters.

09-06-2005, 17:43
I have 150 hours logged and been through about every area in the game and still never found a superior and less than 5 gold items.

Also dude you get less drops with henchmen. As my friend pointed out the henchmen take drops you don't see. If you go out with 3 henchmen u get a 1/3 of the gold and 1/3 of every drop but if you go out with 6 you get 1/6 of the TOTAL drops and 1/6 of the gold. This is why people solo. When i did riverside yesterday with my Warrior friend EVERY MOB dropped somehting for one of us to get. I got 4 Badges, 4 Emblems, 2 minor runes, 1-2k in gold, and a handful of non-rare armors and weapons.

Ragnar Darkan
09-06-2005, 17:57
For people having trouble with finding runes, I recommend fighting anything with armor. Since creatures like drakes, Imps, Bugs, ect do not have armor they will not drop runes. Things like Charr, White Mantle, ect. wear armor and drop more runes.