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09-06-2005, 19:00
I was just wondering, how do you guys think an all mesmer team would do in the HoH? Something like 5 illusion for the degen and 3 domination for denial/interrupts. With 5 illusion mesmers, the other teams would have crazy degen, especially if those 5 were necro secondaries. Also, the domination mesmers could counter monks on the other teams. I know the horrible mesmer armor and defense would be a factor, but degen on the warriors would kill them much quicker. What do you guys think?

09-06-2005, 19:17
You'd have to be insanely coordinated since you can't stack all that stuff. Overlaps in debuffs would just be a huge waste of energy.

Third Quarter
09-06-2005, 19:32
When it comes to straight-up damage, mesmers are pretty much the bottom of the barrel. They can't take it, they can't really heal it, and they're only effective at dealing it out if their opponents aren't paying attention. (or if they are computer-controlled AIs)

If you look, most damage-dealing Mesmer skills are really all about the threat of damage more than actually dishing it out. Backfire shuts a caster up for a moment. Clumsiness holds a warrior back for a few seconds. Wastrel's Worry is an outright command to do something. Phantom Pain openly begs to be ended prematurely.

You have to play these skills on this level to use them to their fullest, and I think you need the other roles in your team to correctly take advantage of the opportunities a Mesmer creates.

Jonuss Madrick
09-06-2005, 21:06
Cast mind wrack on elementalist and a monk. Have 8 mesmers cast arcane echo + energy burn (on monk) + energy burn (b/c of echo, cast on elementalist). With 12 domination magic thats (64 * 8)dmg for the burn and 80dmg from the mind wrack. Thats 592dmg on two people in about 3 seconds assuming the energy is depleated which it probably will. If you have afew ele secondarys for blinding flash and afew warrior secondaries for shields up I think you will be in business.

Torm Shadowbane
09-06-2005, 23:22
What ever happened to well rounded teams?

No, a all Mesmer team would suck. First of all you have to realize that hexes don't stack. All a team would have to do to beat this team is not do anything for about 20 seconds (literally just stand there and do nothing) and then while the Mesmers wait for the skills to recharge -- just slaughter them.

What is it with people's fascination to fill a team with all the same class? I'm seeing it all over the place.

09-06-2005, 23:39
I can say that it would almost certainly suck for 3 reasons:

a. We played a 1 mo/me, 3 me/mo team in team arena, and i can tell you it is not an effective strategy, or at least not vs spell breaker :P

b. Teams made up of only 1 proffesion offer very little flexibility, so it would be hard to counter diffrent strategies.

c. CTF, and King of The Hill would be incredibly hard to win with an all mesmer team. CTF because the mesmer lacks the armor for running the orb. King of The Hill, because mesmers lack deliberate damage output (much of the hexes do damage conditionally, so once a team has taken the altar all they need to do is kinda sit there without attacking through empathy or casting through clumsiness)

12-06-2005, 05:26
would be funny to see the reaction of one of those all monk teams if they came up against all mesmers lol.

12-06-2005, 12:21
It just wouldn't work. You have no monks to heal, not to mention that it is almost impossible to coordinate that type of a strategy. With an all mesmer team, you have no front line which means everyone will be running to save their *** instead of actually casting.

I suppose if you are hell bent on trying this strat, you will have to get a incredibly skilled group of players and like you said assign them to tackle certain warrior and caster types. The flexibility that Mesmers have make it the most interesting class in GW since the Mesmers arsenal likely has one or two spells to counter anything.

Pulling off a HoH win with that is gonna take a miracle..

May Lyssa be with you :happy34:

12-06-2005, 16:56
I don't think an all mes team would be viable. But a team with 4 or 5 characters capable of disruption/denial would be pretty macho. In other words, you wouldn't need 8 Mes primaries to get the desired effect, here.

Would take a high lvl of coordination...

13-06-2005, 00:52
the only all 1 class teams I could see happening would be all monk or all necro.

Both can heal themselves and both can do some dmg. That the only reoson, not because they are "the best classes" but because they can be somewhat of jack-of-all-trade classes :happy65:

Overall, if you take the tactical geniuses it takes to get these all 1 class teams to work and place them with a good old fashion team then there is no limit to the ownage that would take place... too bad they dont realize that :lol:

13-06-2005, 04:58
Not to mention Mesmers do not have much damage output.

I do think it is possible, just your chances of winning wont be high at all, as compared to a balanced team.