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10-06-2005, 00:28
You know when you play Diablo, you have the option to play PvP with your friends? (Not as a team, but against each other). Why doesn't it exist in Guildwar? I think there should be such casual arenas added so people can play PvP if both sides agree, and they can skip the matching system (they get to choose their opponents). Of course, there would be no credits of any kind winning this kind of games...

How about, impletament such casual arenas in the Guildhall so it becomes more useful? You will have the option to watch, (probably) two guild members duking it out while all the other members get to watch? It would be fine, isn't it? :happy34:

As stated above this arena should not give exp or any credits to prevent abuse. Except that, I don't really see much downsides to this. Comments? :happy65:

10-06-2005, 00:34
That would be awesome.

Especially the observer mode and the 1v1 mode ^_^

10-06-2005, 00:35
There wouldn't be much in the way of downsides, except the developers wouldn't have control over the PvP you were doing...

Players might actually *gasp* test things and figure out how skills worked! Oh NOES!