View Full Version : UW crafter? Looking for info on special 15k platemail

14-06-2005, 16:19
Just bought the Prima GW guide and in there is an appendix which has 15k Platemail which requires Ectoplasm and Obsidian Shards to make.

Since the Crafter in FoW does not craft Platemail i assume the crafter is hiding somewhere in the UW.

Anyone know if this crafter exists or is the Prima guide book wrong. Also is the appearance of this armor different from the 15k Plate you get in the Granite Citadel. I would hate to acquire so many ectoplasm and obsidian shards just to have the exact same look.

Any info would be greatly appreciated


PS there is also an entry for 15k knight but have never seen it before ingame.

Fire Childe
15-06-2005, 05:56
in underworld ive done the first quest, the escort of souls quest and the unwanted guests quests. for the monuments to grenth quest ive freed the reaper of the forgotten vale, ice wastes, bone pits, chaos planes and serpent mountains but not the spawning pool. (additionally ive done serpent mountain shrine mission where you have to kill the slayer and the forgotten vale quest where you have to save the villagers).

ive explored all around the vale, ice, bone pits shrine and theres no entrance to the spawning pool. i havent searched all of the chaos planes or the serpent mountains so its possible theres an entrance to that area from one of these areas.

as yet, there is no mention of an underworld crafter. in any of the quests for these respective areas. there is no npc that mentions one.

if there is a crafter, the only place i imagine it could be would be the spawning pools or whatever is beyond that. if there is something beyond that.

completing the serpent mountain and forgotten vale shrine missions doesnt seem to trigger anything or open any new area up. you just get a chest with a purple/gold drop and a spider appears. its possible that completing all the shrine missions will trigger something to happen but in my view (in particular light of the chaos planes mission) this is borderline impossible and its just as likely that nothing will happen.

there is a large castle/shrine in the ice wastes which is empty and is possibly an entrance to another area (again. possibly related to a crafter or something) - it looks like the shrine to grenth in lornar's pass and i think it may have some significance later on. i dont know.

basically in my experience and for all intents and purposes there is no underworld crafter. at least not until someone can prove otherwise. which may involve completing the monuments to grenth quest (veeeeery long) and/or complete all the shrine related missions as well as explore every corner of underworld.

from what i hear about the prima strategy guide, it got alot of information wrong but any information about an underworld crafter is purely speculation at this point.

i should also add that it took me between 5 and 6 hours to clear as much as i have with a fairly competant party so even if there was a crafter it would take in excess of 6 hours to get to. this is a bit much and im not sure anet would design a crafter that is in this remote a location and requires you to play for this amount of time in 1 sitting. just my 2 cents.