View Full Version : Me/R shutdown/epidemic build?

15-06-2005, 16:27
While modifying and developing the flavor of the month build, I considered an Me/R packing mostly shutdown bow and mes skills. However, the BIG thing I was looking at was epidemic.

So, you have a poisoner (with disease oriented spells, putrid explosion and the like, plus lingering curse), and a mes with epidemic. While the necro is diseasing everything and the rest of the team is doing their thing, I as the Me/R am on a secondary target (a monk) shutting him down from using mend condition/shatter hex and the like, occasionally switching to the main target to epidemic him.

I'm not entirely sure on what to do for energy management (I'm considering leeching it from the secondary target I'm on). Any suggestions as for the build or my energy management?

Rancid Hate
15-06-2005, 20:51
well just to let you know epidemic is no use because of its great mana cost for rangers..
in tombs a GOOD monk will bring martyr and then purge conditions so conditions will b of no effect..
and because of the cost for it u cant jsut spam it whenever they martyr. so epidemic isnt all so swell for serious pvpers.

but a distracting r/me is always useful for taking down monks.. theres always room in a party for one of those make sure u use other spells liek backfire..
and one more thing disease doesnt matter because it spreads without the help of epidemic