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a j n i N
15-06-2005, 17:02
Currently I have a W/Mo and E/Me (Air) and I purchased the 15k Platemail for my warrior @ Citadel. I also dye'd it all black, good move? And secondly this Elemental is on its way to Forge. Where should I get its armor? Ive heard of Fissure crafter (people told me to just go with the Citadel platemail for my warrior) but for my elementalist I heard about the fissure crafter. Heres a few questions...

1) How many different sets are there for Elemental armor? Are there armors specified for type of Elementalist you are?

2) How much does one of these armors cost? Using shards and ectoplasm etc.

3) Which armor do you recommend a PVP Air Elemental get?

4) Was the platemail a good choice for my warrior? What does the Fissure crafter have to offer for Warriors? (I dont plan on changing my warriors armor, just spent 15k on each but just curious what my other possibilites were and may be in the future.)

5) Pics if possible.

Thanks. :happy34:

15-06-2005, 18:06
Gladiators is probably the best warrior armor. And you want the armor with air resistance for your ele.