View Full Version : Hack?

18-06-2005, 18:38
The past few games I've played about 3 battles kept saying..

World Enchantment prevents you from using that skill.

What the hell?
And enchantment is supposed to be good, but it's disabling me from using my res signet, what the hell is this about?

The last game, the monk said, Sorry i hacked you guys.

So is this a hack or what. :|

Has the official GW people been notified?

Oink The Boar
18-06-2005, 20:11
Were the opponents perhaps using Frozen Soil? Rangers can be sneaky like that.


18-06-2005, 20:17
Frozen soil is perhaps the most amazing skill that a spike team can use.

18-06-2005, 20:25
oh great... thanks :| damn rangers, everyday i grow to hate them more and more D:

19-06-2005, 02:39
well since people think we are sooo weak you think we would need some noteable skills. i love this skill because it is quite handy specially if you killed the team in a nice little pile :D

i'm a ranger and proud :D

always love it when the opposing team screams (stupid ranger) for making a spirit it tells me i did my job right :D