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19-06-2005, 11:34
Can somebody tell me if a R/N will work well for pvp? i know everyone says rangers suck in pvp but doesn't that mean the game is unbalanced. What's the point of having rangers if they do no damage..

Can anyone give me some pointers in what skills and spells do use for this build. I dont want to raise corpses or use pets.
im thinking

im a newb so please help me. I get annoyed that in every post people talk about how they kill rangers in like 5 seconds.. i think thats so bs and unfair. I hope they upgrade rangers :(

Could you also tell me if there are any other classes that are good for pvp. and i hate elementals... magic is stupid and overpowered

20-06-2005, 17:08
Check out the Ranger strategy subforum. You will find a lot of great information browsing through the posts there, including a lot of posts explaining that Rangers don't have to suck. ;)