View Full Version : Best place to find parties ?

19-06-2005, 20:55
I've never really looked for a group as my first character is just barely postsearing and I decided to start a Monk today who is just now gone post-searing (had the game a couple weeks but haven't put time in really yet.)
I'm wondering is it easy to find parties, and do you go to the auto-selected district or do you find a particular number gives better results (such as district 1 always).

19-06-2005, 21:14
usually district one has more ppl wanting to do quest. the next thing u really have to do is just spam LFG XXXXXXXXX (X-wat u are looking for) (LFG-Looking for Group) Ex. LFG mission and bonus. finding parties arent really that hard and if u cant get anymore members you can just get a couple of henchmen to help you