View Full Version : my new farming buddies

Messengr Of Chaos
19-06-2005, 23:09
hi, ya'll know that new quest "the ascalon settlement"(i think thats what its called)? where you have to escort devona, cynn, mhenlo, and aidan to the ascalon settlement. well, guess what they are your best tank now! :winking47 they dont attack, so they wont take your kills, and mhenlo will heal, and they have relatively high hp. so just let them take the wrath of those annoying/tough tengus, while you wack away at the tengus.

yea...that was pretty pointless for me to say this, but w/e i dont wanna be one of those people that goes "oh? you wanna know a good farming spot? well, i know one where you can get 5k in 30min but im not gonna tell you where :p " mehh im just sharing this with ya'll cuz im extremely bored, its not that good of a farming spot anyways :D blahblahblahlalala