View Full Version : Mesmer or Warrior or Ranger? What should i make next

The Tyblat
20-06-2005, 00:26
ive had a warrior and ranger, both of them made it to Lions arch then i deleted them cause i was bored, ive trained 2 mesmers before but deleted them after taking them to post searing. Which of these 3 characters is pretty fun to build, wont die a whole bunch, is ok or awesome at PvP? also, is a Me/W any good? ive played a few of them in arena and they totally sucked...

20-06-2005, 01:25
All of the above is fun. You invariably die a lot no matter what build you choose, but you tend to die LESS with warriors. Rangers are often the longest lasting primary if played by a skilled person.

For PvP, mesmers are undeniably painful and annoying, and are often the focus of much hatred. Regardless, they're considered invaluable by those who know their true potential and you'd do well to learn how to use one properly.

The Tyblat
20-06-2005, 04:24
are Me/W any good

20-06-2005, 04:56
me/w are good depending on the build you use...I personally don't like the IW build b/c enchant removal will render you useless, and any decent pvp team is going to to have at least one person carrying it.

The Tyblat
20-06-2005, 19:13
whats IW? is that about the only effective build for the Me/W?