View Full Version : Where did runes go wrong????

20-06-2005, 21:13
I remember when half an hour to an hour of farming could bring in anywhere between 5-10k by selling runes. I farmed 2 times. First time i farmed was about 1 month ago. I made roughly 5k by selling runes. I farmed last night, and I couldn't sell a minor rune to anybody for over 100gp! I remember when people would buy Minors for 1k, Majors for 2.5K and Supiriors for almost 5K. Now I can barely get anything selling.

My question is if they keep trimming down farming spots, wouldn't the price of runes go up? Why are they making rune traders sell runes for so cheap? Are they mking it so you will need to spend 100+ hours just to afford the 15k armor?
A-Net really needs to take care of inflation and economy issues in GW.

20-06-2005, 21:44
Well, it's really a combination of things and Anet is not making rune traders sell things so cheap. The rune traders determine price based upon how many runes they have in stock. The rune traders can only sell runes that have been sold to them. So, there are a limited number of people playing GW, but everyone keeps finding runes and keeps selling them to the traders. If runes are found faster than new people join the game then the prices will go down because eventaully people have all the runes they want so they only sell never buy. Also the rune traders are a gold sink. They sell for more than they buy and the difference in gold disappears out of the game. This takes money out of the economy, making gold more valuable.

My guess is the 15K armor is suppossed to be hard to afford. That's why it's such a price jump for just a different look and no added benefit. You're just as competitive with the 1.5K armor. 15K armor is something to work for, not to be able to buy a complete set after farming for 2 hours.