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Before the woes of the world, their use to be an order stronger then any force in the world, the elite magicians, warriors, rangers, were of this order, it was their duty to keep the world safe. No one knew about them except for the best of the best, not even the king's knew about them except for the king of Kryta for he was himself was a member. These men were know as the Brothers. " ORDER! ORDER"! shouted the judge, "GENTLEMEN WE MUST HAVE ORDER!!", the room of heroes become silient," now this is a very important day, it has been 200 years since the last leader was chosen, so we must begin this process as soon as possible before our enemies find out about the death of our leader, General Hugo". Out of the stands a ranger yells out, " We the defenders of the Lions Arch choose the king of Kryta to lead the brotherhood" then from the other side of the a warrior rises up and says " We the defenders of Ascalon choose Brother Nightmareus". "The so shall the Brotherhood have a vote, we will have a leader by tomorrow" spoke the judge.

After hours of voting and hours of sorting out the votes the Judge rises and speaks the words of the old," FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, FROM FLAME TO ASHES, WE THE BROTHERS OF THE HIDDEN WIND, WILL FOLLOW OUR LEADER BROTHER NIGHTMAREUS TO THE END OF THE WORLD, AND BACK, NO CHARR, NO UNDEAD, NO SUMMIT WILL STOP US FROM FOLLOWING OUR NEW LEADER, FOR WE ARE THE BROTHERS OF THE HIDDEN WIND THE SACRED ORDER CREATED BY GLINT" and once the judge spoke these word's he walked up to the new leader and gave him power over the Brotherhood.

(10 years later, in the snowy mountains)
"What news do you bring me today Officer Tyrant" says Nightmareus, "sir if i may we have had disturbing reports that the charr are mobilizing, the stone summit have for some reason been meeting with the white mantle, and undead have beein rising in numbers" says Officer Tyrant. ....I fear something great is going to happen soon, and if the brotherhood does not act fast the world will be in terrible danger, quick Tyrant go and meet with our members in all the troubled areas and I will speak with the king of Kryta and see what needs to be done" yes General says Tyrant and runs off.

Meanwhile within the Brotherhood trouble is brewing. "Tell me Anu, if our dear leader has heard of the news of the charr and what not" "of course master of course the rat they call tyrant has informed him of everything" "and how many men have allied themselves with me Anu" " you shall be glad to know that half the members and even a high officer had sided with you, your time is almost here master, you shall soon rule the brotherhood instead of that fool Nightmareus." ".....good then i shall begin the next phase of the plan, quick Anu we have no time, call the leader of the mantle to our Headquarter in the Lions Arch it is time we got rid of a few members in the brotherhood"

As you can see something is Amiss in the world, we all know of the invasion of the charr, the evil doings of the mantle, the growing numbers in the stone summit, and the force of the undead, but what you do not know is the hidden story of a hidden order that when needed the most, was not able to anwser the woes of the world. And so The story contiunes.

{ch 2 is still being worked on}

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The story of Anu

With the sound of cold steel clashing in the morning, Anu awakens to see his roommate missing, "Oh man" groans Anu, I'm late" he jumps out of bed changes into his academy cloths and runs out to the training yard. He slams the door's open and looks outside, "your late as usual Anu" says Bagweel "after 6 years at Nolani Academy one would think you would break the habit of sleeping late" Anu laughs and say's " and I am glad to have a best friend like you to cover for me, so what is the plan for today" Bagweel looks at Anu and says " since we have time off from training i was thinking we go to the city and meet our friends" Anu with a sly look on his face says " and meet some women as well" Bagweel with a look on unamusement tells Anu to grow up, and starts to head for the city.

("the 2 young warriors in training arrive at ascalon and part ways for a short while")

Anu scans the city for women he can play around with until he see's a girl, in his eyes she is the most beautful girl he has ever seen, with firey red hair, her eyes bluer then any ocean, her smile more divine then any flower he immediatly falls for her and has to have her no matter what. He creep's up behind her and before he know's it she with only two move knock him to the floor, and pins him down and and says "dont ever try to sneak up on me" grinning like a fool Anu says "forgive me madam but i didnt want to be blinded by your beauty so i thought i come up from behind" he says with a grin. Meanwhile after Bagweel has sold some item at the merchant he is approached by two men, "Bagweel Tidue", says one of them, "yes that is I" says Bagweel, the other man speaks " we regret to inform you that you have been denied membership within the Brotherhood, and should you let anyone know of the brotherhood because of malice then we will by all means stop you is that understood", his face full of anger, he yells at them 'LEAVE ME BE THEN, I DONT EVER WANT TO SEE YOUR FILTH NO GOOD FACE EVER AGAIN"

Anu jumps up and smiles at the girl "hi I'm Anu" he says sticking his hand out, the girl without a care in the world shakes his hand and says "My name is Elenore and I..." she is cut short, her father calls for her and says its time to go, she quickly looks to "Anu and says nice meeting you, but dont ever creep up on me again" and quickly runs off. "She touched me she actully touched me" says Anu. Bagweel walks past Anu mumbling words that Anu cant make out, "guess what guess what" says Anu, "i've no time for games Anu out with what you have to say" says Bagweel, i met someone today she is the most beautful girl i've ever seen ". Both young men walk back towards the academy, one full of anger the other full of excitement.

A month goes by, Anu and Elenore have become a couple, and Bagweel has been getting angrer by the day, Anu notices that since the day they were at ascalon Bagweel changed, he was no longer calm and focused on battle, no he had changed he would let his anger guide him which would in the end cause him to make mistakes, Anu knows that he has to do something about him before he hurts himself or someone else. Bagweel lays on his bed thinking of ways to get back at the Brotherhood, to find a way to destroy them, how could they have turned him down, he was the best in the academy, his sword skills surpassed any great warrior, his mind, his speed everything about him was exceptional, then why not accept him, he thinks long and hard and then remember Anu, their was only one person who could match Bagweel and it was Anu, and then he had an terrible idea, an idea so full of malice that even lifelong friendship cannot stop it.

(A year later)

"Quick Anu quick we need to get to our post" yell's Bagweel, "hold your horses" says Anu "I'm almost ready". The two men head for their post, but then Bagweel says "look Anu we are really late, come lets take a shortcut that i know of", with an look of confusion Anu look's look bagweel and says "shortcut, you never told me about a shortcut", and Bagweel replys "that's because we never needed a shortcut". As they walk through the shortcut Anu annonuces that he had proposed to Elenore, Bagweel stops and looks to Anu and says " oh...you did" , "you sound as if this is troubling news i mean.."
in the distence they hear a roar, "its Charr says Bagweel quietly, what are they doing here". The Charr notice them and charge for the two young men, battle ensues, and the two men emrege victrious, Anu has been seriously injured, and Bagweel is standing in front of Anu. "go get help Bagweel i cant walk with this wound", Bagweel looks down to Anu, and says "forgive me dear friend" and with a tear running down his face he kill's Anu"

Two men approach Anu Sydius, and ask him " Are you the one they call Anu, and Anu replys "that is I", the other man says "we wish to inform you that you have been accepted by the Brotherhood, for your heroic act's against the charr, you fought and fought even thought your friend Bagweel tidue had lain slain we welcome you"

That is the story of Anu, where not one man dies but two.

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(so lets cap up, so far we know that their has been a secret order in the world known as the brotherhood, the king of kyrta and brother nightmareus were nominated to lead the brotherhood, in the end nightmareus win's. At the end of the first chapter we see a dialouge where two people are speaking, 1 is the man anu(you know about him if you read ch2) and the other is an unnamed man. in chapter 2 you are told about anu's orgin's and now its time for ch 3. 1 more thing, im sorry if my spelling is off, and if you see anything that dioesnt make sense or anything you think i should change just tell me and i'll see what needs to be done, and thanks for spending time to read my story)

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chapter 3
A mother's love

Screams can be heard outside of the village, fires are raging everywhere, the village warriors, are batteling the charr, then a loud pounding on the door, "OPEN UP SARAH QUICK" a 10 year old boy is crying, his name is Luca, his mother Sarah quickly opens the door. Luca see's his uncle and his mother talking, then out of no where his mother starts crying frantically, and his uncle telling her to get together and get out of the village.

(the scene moves outside where two men are batteling the charr}

With two blows of a hammer a charrs falls to his death, breathing heavaly the man with the hammer says to his partner,"I have...gasp of breath.. called for the aid.....gasp of breath...of the brotherhood they should soon be here".

(now the scene moves further out, 3 charr warriors get their machines ready and aimed at the village anf fire 3 more balls of fire)

Luca is ruished out of his home with his mother, then in a distince, Luca see's his friend Teo, then with an blink of an eye, in the spot where Teo stood, now remains the burning hole. His uncle TuTu says to the boy and his sister,"the charr are getting closer , i need to go help the others, go on without me" Sarah replys, crying at the same time"no please dont go, please, i cant lose you too". TuTu by now has already run off, Sarah rushes the boy to the forest and run in,then out of no where a charr appears. The charrs stench is strong, he drool's and has bloodlust in it's eyes. Sarah pleads with the charr "please, please let us go". The charr raises its axe, aim for Luca first, his mother screams for him to run, and those were the last words he will ever hear his mother say, "run".

A horn is blown, and an unlikely soruce of warriors come to their aid.