View Full Version : Need help of experienced players for my build

23-06-2005, 12:54

I'm trying to make an axe based W/N work in PvP and need help from experienced players to find a good skill setup so I'm not completely useless. I know that warriors don't excel in PvP and some other secondary but a Necro might also be suggested but I am set on W/N so please stay on topic to help me out here.

Anyway, my idea is:
- Sprint (to close gaps faster and stay in their face)
- Eviscerate (E) to do adrenaline based damage
- Exec Strike (pretty much the same purpose)
- Disrupting Chop (so I can interrupt spells and be an annoyance to casters)
- Plague Touch (so I can get rid of conditions myself without having to rely on the team)
- Rend Enchantments or Strip Enchantment (to counter buffs on my target)
- Rigor Mortis or Warrior's Cunning (to be able to overcome block/evade things for a short duration at least)
- For great justice! to build up adrenaline faster for exec/eviscerate

Quite a few hexes will counter this pretty well, esp. Mesmer illusion stuff though Mesmers often focus in domination to counter casters. And I have no means of healing (unless I take strip enchantment over rend enchantment) but I have to rely on the team to cover this. I don't want to be a complete jack of all trades that tries to counter everything.

I'm still undecided in rend vs strip enchantment. Rend seems more powerful but hurts quite a bit with 40/enchantment, strip can only remove 1 enchantment, but at least I get healed instead of getting hurt and you can get it out in half the time (leaving more time to actually hit).

Also, I'm a bit undecided about Rigor vs Cunning. Rigor is 2 secs cast but lasts longer (provided I invest into curse) and is useable for other players too. Cunning is instantly (no interrupt) but a bit shorter and only for me. Also, the cooldown on rigor is much better.

Also, does for great justice! fit or is something else more advisable? I'm not such a big fan of frenzy and I think the shout builds adrenaline up just as well (if not better) without the downside of taking double damage.

Last but not least, if I'm playing in random pickup groups, a lack of healers can really screw me with no means of healing on my own. I am also a bit on a loss on how to counter other Warriors, typically W/Mo.

I'm also interested in any input regarding gear and runes.

Any advices on how to improve my build (except take another class combo)?