View Full Version : Which has the most merit for a new char?

24-06-2005, 04:02
I've been playing the game (just got to that second desert place) as an E/Mo, but my Gf is about to get the game, and I was going to start a new char with her. The problem is that I am really indecisive. I've basically focused on getting all of the Ele skills and ignoring monk skills (as I really only use it for res and the occasional heal (read: HEAL AREA!! HEAL AREA!! HEAL AREA!! jk!) Now I want to play one of the following:

Warrior / Monk (basically sword / axe (not sure, but NOT hammer) running mending and a res and maybe some protection spells, basically the self sustaining tank.

Necro / Monk: basically a smiter. Since I'm a necro and not a monk people won't really get on me about healing, and since divine favor seems less important for a smiter, soul reaping will be nicely geared towards an offensive monk build.

Lastly some variation of a Monk + some other class that is not ele (since I do not need the skills) I was thinking water / earth ele for the wards, but I will already have unlocked those so it seems redundant and pointless to do it again.

So anyone have any constructive critisim on which might be the best idea. I was figuring if I ignore hammer (I really dislike hammer.... at least at the moment) I can easily pick up the left over monk skills that I cannot easily get on my ele due to limited skill points.

Any input is appreciated, I have to make up my mind rather soon as it is.