View Full Version : Better Farmer - W/Mo or Mo/W

25-06-2005, 00:47
Does it matter which one you pick as primary and which as secondary - you get the same skills either way. My guess is that the Mo/W is better for farming since you can stuff in superior smiting aura runes? Correct me if I'm wrong and add your comments. Please. Thanks :)

25-06-2005, 01:01
Both have their ups and downs, but i'd go Mo/W for sup runes plus more energy.

However, W/Mo is good if your going to need a lot of deffense. Thing is, Mo/W's can protect themselves fine with mark of protection/ect.


25-06-2005, 05:13
W/mo with higher defense and a energy item seems better due to the large no. of monsters removing away ur monk protection enchantments :( , else monk would be good