View Full Version : Monk/Mesmer Build

27-06-2005, 15:29
Any suggestion for monk/mesmer build ?
I'm finding it hard for me to handle myself in PVP. It seems that the warriors always get their hands on me even though there's someone distracting them and i always get targeted even i stay so far behind. It seems that the smiting build doesn't work for me .

28-06-2005, 06:23
i play as a monk mesmer, and i find that i am always being attacked by some lame warrior who just wont get off my back. I usually use imagined burden and run away. I also use aminity, pacifism, and Mark of Protection to make it so that i dont have to run. I find aminity pretty drn useful. U can also use the other monks on ur team to help you. If you are being targeted by a warrior, ask for healing seed! well, thats my two cents. Good luck perfecting ur build.

29-06-2005, 17:23
those are good sugestions, pacifism works great in that case, but i usually have the same prob, but the only mez skills i use are energy drain (elite) and energy tap, to get energy real quick and dry out the other teams monks or casters.