View Full Version : Hmm...worth?

28-06-2005, 12:36
Hey lads!

Since we had a weapon showoff thread before and I posted in it but no one replied so I figured I should make my own thread then

I have picked up some nice items that I figured I should sell to someone who needs it better then I do, but I have no clue how much it is worth.

So I'm gonna post the items below and if someone would like to post how much they are worth or how much I could be able to sell them for I would be very pleased :)


If anyone is interested in them gimme a shout through PM or ingame name: Gotulf Mjodklunk

I know I could prolly salvage one of the staffs to get out the +29 Health wrapping if someone is willing to buy it.

Well, enough from me, hope someone is willing to help me