View Full Version : ummmmm What are faction points?

30-06-2005, 09:48
:confused: ok i was pvping right? then everytime i kill some1 in pvp, i get a message on top of me that says "+2 Factions points" or 1,,3,4,5,6,etc.. Can some1 give me info on that thing. I dont know how to give the points to a priest of bathalzar. I left cliked on it and said to give the faction points to a priest of bathalzar. So i dont know what the heck its talking about. Can some1 GIVE ME MORE INFO ABOUT THE WHEREABOUTS OF THIS PRIEST AND ADDITIONAL INFO ABOUT THIS.

30-06-2005, 09:57
go to www.guildwars.com and check the major update ;)

with faction points you can buy skills and runes and weapon updates for your pvp accounts :worship:

though you need minimum 1000 before you can buy something :mad: