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30-06-2005, 09:54
this build is all about conditioning the other team.

i put all my attributes into marksmanship, expertise, and wilderness survival
i use 1 major and 3 superior rune so i have low health but a good monk is often my saviour.

so here's the skill list:

barbed trap ( cripple/bleed )
concussion shot ( daze )
throw dirt ( blind )
poison arrow ( poison ^^ )
the only mesmer skill ( no attribute !!) epidemic: this causes to transfer all conditions the target foe suffers, the transfer to other foes...i tell you..great havoc.
offcourse whirling defense and troll ungeunt for some life-saving ^^
res signet

So with a bit of brain, you can easily distract monks.

first, you blind some rushing warriors, maybe barbed trap, and poison. they might run scared back to their monks , while i cast epidemic, so all they suffer from those conditions too.

then , you might have to regen some energy, but with high expertise, my concussion shot only costs 13 energy instead of 25. ( too bad epidemic isn't altered by expertise..full 15 energy cost)
so um..you look for a caster, preferably a mesmer or fire elementalists, as they need some casting time, giving you enough time to shoot concussion shot....DAZED...now comes the real havoc...try to wait untill the dazed elementalist is close enough to other monks and casters ( to be sure, try minimum distance a warrior has to be to attack )

now cast epidemic again ^^ bye bye casters..
also works good with an exhausted elementalist if you see that ( exhaustion is a condition too right? ) :eek:

missing conditions: weakness and disease ( disease spreads itself so no need for epidemic there )

so a few questions:
anyone knows a ranged attack that causes weakness?

would it be worth to swap barbed trap and res signet for a pet with bleeding attack or something.? -.- guess not

any big turndowns to this?
oh right, if you find yourself on low energy, just try to spam poison arrow,only costs 2-3 energy , wich you regen while poison arrow is being shot..and change targets offcourse
monks will try to mend ailment a bit, so they get lower energy, less healing, and i can reshoot poison arrow anytime ^^:lol:

and just my luck: my DSL modem got struck by lightning >.> so i have to buy a new one..no more GW for me untill tonight >.< :( :mad:

30-06-2005, 15:42
Speaking as someone who plays ranger and monk, the huge turndown is your health. One of the benefits of the ranger class in PvP is survivability and relatively low demand for healing, and you have removed that with the excessive use of runes. A good monk is going to let you die, because his/her first priority is keeping the other monks and low-armor casters with no self-heals alive to heal, protect and spike damage. You may have had some success with this build in 4v4, but you will either get owned or drag the rest of your team down with the burden of keeping you alive in 8v8.

Otherwise, you have some good ideas but need to stop hyper-focusing on being a one-man, death machine. :lol: IMO, a ranger condition build is best teamed up with a N/Me or Me/N, while the rest of the team (preferably including another mesmer) tries to take down one of the monks.

30-06-2005, 17:55
Nope, i'm more succesfull in the tournament then in the 4on4, coz often, you either don't have a monk, or you have only 1, and indeed, they won't heal rangers..
but when i go with my guild, and TS, they know what I can do and what I need, and let me assure you..the Love guild sure was surprised, hell they even ran from us.

( Love is a korean guild, actually that time, there were 2 teams with Love members in them ( burial mounds ))

01-07-2005, 00:16
I apologize for my incorrect assumption. However, I am still a bit skeptical and would like to see that in action. If your guild has a spot open in tombs sometime, you could whisper me, and I'll get on TS and come play my ranger. Heck, I'll even surround you with traps and pop up a few wilderness spirits if you want, just to see how it works. IGN is Svenn Kelbrenner, just remind me that it's about this thread.

01-07-2005, 08:48
sure next time you're online we'll try to make a guild battle
only problem: we're european

01-07-2005, 19:02
Yeah, man, sorry I couldn't hook up with you last night...er...this morning. Racked up over 1600 faction points, though. :happy65:

I'm mad tired but woke up after 4 hours and couldn't go back to sleep. CAFFEINE!

02-07-2005, 15:37
Heres my opinion.. :/

using 3 superior runes is just dumb :happy34:

Lets see.. 75 x 3 = 225
Thats the HP penalty you're getting.
Now as a mesmer, I only have about 500 HP, which is been brought down to a staggering 446 due to it my superior mes rune being countered slightly by a major vigor rune.

So you would have roughly about 240 - 300 hp?
Now at 60 DP... thats gotta sting.

Like svenn said, the monk couldnt care less about you if you keep requiring him to heal you, much like an elementalists getting 119 damage each time he uses a spell through my backfire, the monk just lets him die. :surprise:

But what you said about trapping warriors and then them running back to their monk to be purged is... :| not true.

Even me, a mes/w if I walk into a trap I keep going and tell the monk via TS I got conditions to be removed, he does it in a safe distance away from the range of epidemic.

True that no one targets a ranger first, but lets say if the team gets abit too hard to kill.. and they out of the blue just switch over to you.. :|

Imagine how screwed you're going to be.
Once they realize you're the weakest link, and you fall down the easiet, they will not let go of you.

Which was the case in a 4v4 match with the other team having 2 monks, apparently they were so obsessed with giving each other kisses, they dont give a damn about the warrior who was trying to save them from our vicious blows and mind you, he hit pretty damn hard.

So basically when he was down to 60DP, I just needed one conjure phantasm on him when he got up to put him down again, and then we would concerntrate on one of the 2 monks.

In an 8 vs 8, it would all get blurry, but Im sure if theres someone watch you, and notices how much you're doing, they would probably signal to the others.

And like I said, once that happens, and you hit 60 dp...
I'll be watching for you to be ressed for a conjure phantasm :love38:

02-07-2005, 18:20
i already changed my runes

1 sup expertise 2 minorss

now i got a good guild combo:

a N/Me casts fragility then i poison, then he casts virulence .

then just some more degen and anti-enchantments

and i think we're done with the guy

and actually even with the 2 sups and 1 major i was still hard to kill

02-07-2005, 19:13
i already changed my runes

1 sup expertise 2 minorss

now i got a good guild combo:

a N/Me casts fragility then i poison, then he casts virulence .

then just some more degen and anti-enchantments

and i think we're done with the guy

and actually even with the 2 sups and 1 major i was still hard to kill

I cast power spike and he has to wait for another 25 seconds and waste a lot of energy, and cast backfire on him before he can do anything, while someone else takes you out. :|

theres a reason why mesmers have fast casting.

So what is it?

2 Superiors and 1 major

or 1 Sup and 2 minors?

03-07-2005, 01:35
As he said, Yanman changed his build after thinking about it some more. I tombed with his EU guild in International today, and they were pretty decent. My guild doesn't do tombs very often (grrr), so it was a lot of fun to get in there with an organized group that didn't suck.

However, being on TS with everyone speaking a different language was distracting as hell! After a while, though, I started catching onto some of what they were saying, because they were using enough English words like "Priest" combined with a tone of voice that meant "kill the Priest" or "return to Priest". It was a disorienting but very interesting experience that I highly recommend.

And now, we interrupt this program for a very important nap. :yawn:

03-07-2005, 10:50
lol i don't think we even won a battle..*sigh* i miss those rifts

runes: 1 superior expertise

1 minor wilderness survival
1 minor marksmanship

03-07-2005, 20:03
lol i don't think we even won a battle..*sigh* i miss those riftsYeah we did. I got 1 fame to prove it, lol. :happy34: That wasn't too bad a performance, considering the build was far from optimal. When you assemble a group from the only 8 people online that want to play atm, you have to take what you can get.

I miss the Rifts, too! If you bring a condition-heavy build, that initial undead team will quite possibly own you, which isn't fair IMO.

23-07-2005, 16:24

this shows my build in action

23-07-2005, 19:42
Mmmm...Flawless. :happy34:

Sly Marbo
24-07-2005, 03:35
Martyr is carried by a good portion of teams now and a easy counter.

24-07-2005, 13:48
yeah i know, i'm letting my team mates scan skills for draw conditions and martyr and all that stuff... most of the time they spam draw conditions so i can daze'm. btw there's a chance they martyr a daze upon theirselves

24-07-2005, 20:42
Exhaustion is not a condition, most good teams carry a Martyr, and most good players carrying Martyr have something to remove conditions from themselves once they've soaked up those from their teammates.

25-07-2005, 10:06
yeah i know, and that's why we are on the constant lookout for martyr and draw conditions