View Full Version : Running from Droknar to Marhan's Grotto

01-07-2005, 13:13
I was wondering if any forge runner is interested in running this journey and around how much would you charge for it


Angelc Slayr
01-07-2005, 19:16
Well in order to do that you have to go to ironhammer mines and then to thunderhead peak only then will you be able to get to marhans grotto. The monsters are dangerous! Mursaat are dangerous! You have to get your armor infused at iron mines first and thats well lets just say Good luck!!

Dakrath Ahn
02-07-2005, 14:38
The run from Thunderhead to the Grotto was quite easy, I completed it with Henchmen. The mobs there are killer though, you'll have to run past a couple of armies of Ice Imps and you'll be facing off against plenty of Mursaat on the way. Now, they wouldn't be so bad if they didn't have plenty of Jade Armors with them as well...

Hugh Of Vvardenfell
02-07-2005, 16:29
From the exit of the keep, head south and then stick to east edge of the map as much as possible to head around to the grotto. This way avoids most of the Murssat/Jade groups, but there are still ice imps. Luckily this run is made easier by the numerous rez points on the route.