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01-07-2005, 20:22

I'm playing a lvl 20 Mesmer/Elementalist and I'm just starting Domination Magic so I thought getting some good items would be cool. The collector that gives the item I'm interested in collects Spiny Seeds. Spiny Seeds are dropped by "Salving Cactus", which I can find in the Arid Sea.

The problem is that they never drop any Spiny Seeds! I've run the place through a thousand times and killed a million Salving Cactus and I still only have ONE lousy Seed! My question is: Is there a way to increase the chance of them dropping Spiny Seeds? After all this grinding I'm getting paranoid, trying stuff to make them drop Seeds. I thought maybe the seeds disappear if I set the Cactus on fire so I stopped using fire magic but alas, still no seeds to be sighted.... anyone know anything about this?

oh, btw, WTB Spiny Seeds, I pay anything ^^

01-07-2005, 21:55
Are you taking henchpeople with you? They suck up the seeds if you have henchpeople with you. Try solo-ing the salving cacti. You should be able to get 5 seeds killing a lot less than a million cacti if you do it without henches.

03-07-2005, 13:06
Thank you very much, I followed your advice and only brought Alesia and now I have all the seeds I need! I didn't know henchmen took items as well, so this was great advice! Thank you.

14-07-2005, 17:39
I like to hunt Arid Sea, so if any one else needs some help I can provide some backup. I'd really like to see the wurms go down, since I've seen them drop a pretty nice gold bow before and I NEVER get gold bow drops. Never really spent much time on the griffons there, mostly giants, but I think I might rectify that with my new hunting tactics.

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20-07-2005, 11:29
where specifically did you hunt for the seeds?

Lord Gargoyle
20-07-2005, 14:14
there are some on the map outside heroes iirc and quite a few on the map where you finish the 15 attr quest.