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Andrew Nightchaser
19-07-2005, 11:20
Okay I hope I can get this done soon X.X well here'os. I am going to use my pve char and some of my guild pve char's names hopefully they won't mind.

Chapter One: The Forsaken Temple

Death, fire, ruins, pain, and darkness, just another day in Ascalon. It has become so commonplace now. But there was one difference. It occured in Rin, the "Jewel of Ascalon." The soldiers had closed off the gate to Rin after around a hundred of the Charr invaded. The shadows from the buildings tilted making them longer then the buildings themselves. It was late in the day sunset the ranger assumed, around eight hours since the Charr began to push into the city. A resistance was formed, a mix of soldiers, adventures, and civilians. The Charr held the area closest to the gate and also the surroundings around the Horn. The battered humans held what was left of a temple of Dwayna. The goddess's aura kept the moral of the people up, they kept chanting, "Dwayna will protect us!"

"Damnit, if they shout any louder whatevers left of this god--goddess forsaken temple will collapse."

The Ranger sat on a slab of marble that fell from the ceiling of the roof. He stayed away from the main body of the resistence so he could clearly see the doors of the temple. How long since his ace guild warrior left? Fiona Fate a very reilible woman was sent out to get help as the Charr began to pick off the slower humans. Alyson and Shay were busy casting fire spells around the statue of Dwayna inorder to light up the temple. Alyson had her normal "I would burn this entire place down" look and Shay was just tired. A waste of enery. A costly waste to keep the resistence from losing it. If worse came to worse, Andrew knew for sure his guild would come out okay. He wasn't sure about the others though.

It mattered little to him, ever since the King rejected the help from Kryta, the Ranger knew it would only be a matter of time. Of course he had heard of the Kryta's strange runes or whatnot, but to him it mattered little. Help was help.

A silent tap on his shoulder shattered his musings and he turned to look into Fiona's face. She nodded and sat next to him.

"The King will be here in a few hours," she said silently and looked back at the two elementalists lighting the temple, "and you allowed that?"
The Ranger snorted, "Yes, and I am now beginning to regret it."
"The dark ranger has a soft side?" The Ranger looked at his companion and said: "No."
"Then why--" Fiona stopped abruptly when she saw the look on her guild leader's face. "The King will come, but if the Charr have any brains they will attack this place soon."
"Then lets hope they don't have brains. Get Shay off of that statue and give her some time to recoop, we will leave Alyson here to help the force just incase they get attacked. The three of us are going Charr hunting."
"Hmm, how do you suppose we do that?"
"Look at where the sun is now, at the horizon right behind this temple and the main Charr force faces the sun. We can use the sun as a natural shield against their line of sight as we make our moves." "I'm not sure about this Andrew, if we mess up we could get killed." "Won't matter, if we stay here we will get killed." "True enough." "Now quickly, get Shay and we can move against the Charr. If we waste anymore daylight we run the risk of being seen."

The Warrior left him to fetch the elementalist. Andrew smiled at this. Do or die. He ran his fingeres through his quiver and counted 70 arrows. Fiona came back with Shay and smiled.

"All right Andrew, the both of us are ready." "Good, follow me closely and don't stop."

The two girls imidately said "Understood."

The three slipped out of the temple and gainned no attention from the others. Alyson was the only one to watch them go, and she sighed.
"I never get to do anything!" She shouted to everyone's surpise. . .

Andrew Nightchaser
19-07-2005, 12:18
Chapter Two: The Beautiful Prison

The Ranger frowned as his fired an arrow directly into a devourer's open mouth. He had not counted on the bugs. Apparently neither did the elementalist. She was strong but holding up that fire in the temple exhausted her more then Andrew had first assumed. She was already on the ground using her staff to block strikes from the stingers. Wasted time and wasted energy, Andrew absolutely hated failure, but he hated it even more when it was he himself that failed.

Fiona's sword was covered in the blood of the three insects she killed and made a fast dash to the one attacking the elementalist. As she neared her target she spun around to load her blow with even more power and neatly sliced through both tails of the devourer. The bug was then lit on fire, and Fiona instantly stabbed its mouth shout to keep it from screaming. The Charr had not picked up on their position yet.

Andrew frowned as he came up to the two ladies and said, "We are near our destination. We should make a run for it before more of those insects come."

The "destination" was a large building, probably belonged to a noble of some sort. The building itself was not harmed very much; it still looked like it did, one of the last beautiful structures in all of Ascalon. It was positioned on a hill over most of the city; the main part is that it had a perfect view of the Charr invaders down below. The team would enter through a back door so to avoid the sight of the Charr and then clear the mansion of all threats.

Shay nodded slowly and the three ran off in a dead sprint. Fiona got there first and used a well-aimed kick to open the door, which actually, was a good thing because there were three Charr surrounding a lone Ascalon Soldier. Two Charr stared in shock as the warrior rushed in and slashed across the face of a Charr Axe Fiend and then followed up with a stab to its throat. A second later and another Charr Axe Fiend was burnt to a crisp. The Charr Blade Warrior then reached for his sword and dropped dead, three arrows in his head, one in each eye and one in the mouth, to prevent a scream from issuing forth. The whole fight lasted only lasted fifteen seconds.

Andrew looked to the frightened Soldier and said: "Form a barricade on the main door, we make our stand in this building."
The Soldier straightened and then nodded. "Of course, but there are more soldiers in this building! Most of the people that were captured were shoved into this building and.. ."
Andrew frowned, "All right we might as well clear this building and rescue the soldiers, we could use all the help we can get right now. Show us where they were taken."
"All right, follow me." The soldier pulled off an axe from one of the dead Charr and took up a dented shield from another human like body. It was burned and mutilated so badly that Andrew couldn't tell if it was a human or a devourer at first.
Andrew frowned and loaded an arrow onto his bow and signaled his comrades to follow the soldier.

The team of four walked through the dark unlit hallways. Andrew had superior night vision but at this point he wished he hadn't. The tapestries that hung where dark red, and it was fresh, it was blood. He even saw an occasional bleeding human limb from time to time.

"These Charr are disgusting animals," said the elementalist. "I will burn all of them alive."
"Hush now, Shay, we aren't alone in this building we should keep our ears out for---"
"This way!" The soldier pointed.

The four began to walk faster and became more alert as the limbs began to multiply in number. Another scream coming right from behind the door that the team came across. Shay nodded and cast a quick spell. A fireball slammed into the door and opened it. Fiona rushed in quickly and delivered a quick thrust into the furry unguarded torso of a Charr Stalker. Another Charr dropped dead, its head burned off. Andrew saw the one making the screams, a lone little girl desperately clutching the hilt of a broken sword. She was about to make another squeal when Fiona shoved the girl's mouth shut.

The warrior smiled at the girl and the girl smiled back. Fiona put a finger on the girl’s mouth and she nodded.

"She's fine, just frightened is all. No wounds."
"Good, blind fold her. I don't want her screaming again in the hallways."
"That's a bit much, don't you think?" Said the soldier. "She's only a little girl"
"That's my point." Fiona shook her head, "no, if we have to hand guide it will then become worse." "Fine, then gag her mouth."

Fiona took a clean blanket from the bedroom and smiled to the girl. "I am sorry about this, but he's right. We can't have you attracting attention."
"It's okay, I understand. Oh, and by the way thanks for saving me, my name is Ashley." "Well my name's Fiona."

Fiona then gagged Ashley and motioned her to follow. The girl nodded and the four continued on through the mansion. By the time they freed the next ten civilians Andrew had assumed that those were the only ones in the building.

"It's true, it looks like those limbs that we saw earlier were what was left of the soldiers. The Charr had enough sense to kill them first and torture the townsfolk," said Shay with a hiss.

Ashley had left the four of them to join her parents, which were also held captive in the mansion. Then the Ranger ran in and summoned the other three.

Okay, the way to the Temple is clear and the resistance is still there, the Charr have not attacked it yet so you still have time to get there. Soldier, you will go out and escort these people to the Temple and then get those that are willing to make a stand to come here. Do not get to many though other wise the civilians will have no defense."

The Soldier nodded and gathered up those willing to leave. Two of the men stayed to help out the three and they armed themselves. The mansion owner was smart enough to keep a storage of weapons in the lower levels just incase. Fiona was sitting down reading some of the books that were scattered around the building when Ashley approached her.

"Umm, excuse me, Fiona?" The warrior turned to the girl and smiled. Ashley smiled back and gave her a silver necklace. The warrior took it and put it around her neck. "That is very kind of you, but why?" "It was blessed by one of the priests of Dwayna, it’s suppose to help you and bring you good luck! You will need it more then me." "Thank you Ashley, now go on don't let them leave you behind." "Good bye Miss Fate, and May Dwayna watch over you." "May she watch over you as well."

Ashley grouped up with her family and the rest of the civilians and left the mansion through the back door.

Andrew Nightchaser
20-07-2005, 06:00
Chapter Three: The Rain of Pain

"Keep them at bay!"
"Don't let them through!"

Blood, gore, flashes of light, flame, and darkness swirled all around the temple of Dwayna. Garrin Galligher, another member of the elite sect known as the Black Knight Guards chose to stay with Alyson Firestarter and Ashen Quickarrow if only to give them company. It turned out to be wiser then the warrior first thought. The Charr swept through whatever front line was made in the battered Temple. Screams of pain were heard echoing though the now blood red hallways. After the initial panic set in, the will to fight came and the humans used anything they could get: hammers, swords, shields, rocks, and fists were used against the murderous Charr.

Garrin's twin blades flew left and right, just as fluid as water. She slashed through metal, hide, and bone. Even so, the more she killed even more came through the main temple door. Some Charr actually climbed the roof of the building and fell through the many holes in the ceiling. An all-out battle for survival ensued. Fires burned both sides, lightning flashed all over the temple, lighting it more then the two fire elementalists ever could.

Garrin stepped side a hard blow from a Charr Axe Fiend and thrust one blade into the arm of the beast and slashed across the unguarded face of another. The Charr then dropped dead from a well-aimed blow to it's back from a Fireball. Alyson smiled at the warrior.

"Need some help Garrin? Looks like you need it."

Garrin frowned and threw one of her swords right at Alyson's head. The shocked Elementalist ducked just in time to avoid the flying sword and a side slash from a Charr Blade Warrior that managed to sneak up behind the Elementalist. The beast was about to slash downward when Garrin's blade lodged itself in the monster's skull.

"Shut up and stay alert," said the warrior with extreme harshness. Then quickly shifter her grip the sword she still had and stabbed behind her without even looking. The Charr Axe Fiend behind her gasped in surprise and fell right of the blade.

"I really hope Andrew gets back here soon," said the elementalist as she fired another rain of Flare attacks. "Well, if he doesn't I call his bow."

Garrin smiled as she jumped up and delivered a hard downward slash to another Charr Stalker aiming a shot at her belly. The sword cut right through the middle all the way down. The body of the creature fell to the ground in two separate pieces.

"Andrew would never give up his bow," replied Garrin as she stepped back and at the same time delivered a hard left to right cross slash to another Charr Blade Warrior. "You two talk to much do you know that?" Said a strange voice from Garrin's left side. Immediately following the statement Alyson and Garrin went back-to-back fighting off the Charr surrounding them.
"Don't move you two." Came the same voice and then the four Charr around the two women dropped dead in rapid succession, each one with an arrow in its head. Garrin looked up at the statue of Dwayna, and perched right on its wing, in perfect balance, was one of the best rangers Garrin had ever seen: Ashen Quickshot. He already fired another five arrows into the mass of Charr continuing to enter the Temple.

"Charge! Don't let them get to the women and children!"

The resistance force, continued to press against the Charr, but despite the efforts of the Knights the beasts continued to make their way deeper into the temple.

Then, all of a sudden, a booming roar was heard throughout the entire city, then the sun disappeared behind quickly forming rain clouds, and a downpour set in. Water quickly built up in the temple all the way up to the Warrior's knees. But she was to stunned by the reaction of the Charr to notice. The beast seemed to be bending over as if a huge weight was placed on them. Their movements were sluggish and the resistance took quick advantage.

"Attack! Drive them foul creatures back!"

The warrior's shout woke up both sides of the battle from their trance of shock. And then shouts arose up from the people as they began to run towards the Charr war band.


The Charr seemed to move slower, as if time around them had slowed and the moment that the resistance force made contact with the beasts several of them fell to the ground, killed after one hit. The vile creatures broke their lines and scattered back up to the main Charr army.

Garrin picked up her second sword and smiled as the elementalist and the ranger came up to her.

"What was that?!" Was Alyson's first comment.
"I'm not sure exactly, but it helped," came Ashen's reply.
"Whatever it was, it weakened the Charr badly. But we cannot leave this temple. Wounded are all over the place. Come, we should help them now, while the Charr still need to recover and regroup."

And the three Knights went off help the few priests that were left in the Temple.

Andrew Nightchaser
20-07-2005, 06:56
Chapter Four: Assault

Andrew was finished loading his quiver full of arrows when Shay ran into the main hall of the mansion. She seemed to be waving furiously but couldn't get anyone’s attention. The mansion was being barricaded at the time, bookshelves, wooden planks, anything to secure the main doorway. The Ranger looked up at the erratic elementalist and nodded. Shay cought his eye and pointed upward. Andrew shrugged and looked out the window to the sky. It was raining? No, something more then that he thought. Of course, his sense in magic was not the best in the world but he knew the difference between conjured weather and real weather. The sun was out a few minutes ago. Not enough time for rain clouds that size to form.

Then he thought of another interesting thing that happened recently. The horn on Horn Hill rang. That meant . . . Stormcaller, but who would . . . Instantly he knew who was here. Instantly the Ranger knew that if "he" were here "he" would go out and fight every last Charr out there. "He" was Prince Rurik, the savior of Ascalon, or so everyone thought. He scanned the room and found Fiona watching him intently. With a nearly unseen hand motion the Ranger called up the three Knights.

"All right, you all heard that load roar earlier. I am sure it came from Horn Hill. The problem is, Prince Rurik has been missing for quite awhile now. AND I think he is in this city, charging the Charr."
"WHAT?!" Came the reply. Everyone jerked up to the three gathered in a dark corner as if expecting something.

Andrew sighed and loaded his quiver onto his back, and put an arrow on the bow. "Prince Rurik is down at the town square fighting off the Charr as we speak. The three of us are going down to investigate. The rest of you go back to the Temple and keep those inside safe. That is all, you are dismissed, now move out."

Abruptly everyone dropped whatever they were doing and ran out the backdoor to the Temple. Leaving only the three Knights in the mansion. The main door was left barricaded so the elementalist blew open a hole in the wall.

The three made their way down the hill towards the Charr Army and found Rurik engaging them with four other companions. Andrew noticed the elementalist in sky blue armor and smiled. She was Cynn, the pride of Surmia. He also recognized Devona, the Daughter of the Legendary Mordakai. Good thought the ranger, Rurik has guards. At least he isn't that stupid or impatient.

The three moved down as one running through the Charr without even stopping. Andrew, shot down the Charr up ahead, and the elementalist followed close behind. Fiona slashed at those that weren't killed by flame or arrow.

"For Ascalon!" yelled Devona and her hammer smashed through a Charr's helmet crushing the soft tissue inside. Andrew frowned as Rurik backed away from five Charr. He stopped in his tracks, Fiona and Shay ran past him and directly into the melee, slashing and casting. Andrew loaded 5 arrows into his bow, do or die. In this case, if he missed, Rurik would die. Failing once was bad enough for Andrew, but twice and he might as well impale himself on a spear. He aimed carefully, taking into account the shifting winds of the storm. The ranger fired just as Rurik was knocked to the ground by an axe attack to his side. Not fatal, but serious. Andrew smiled as all five Charr Axe Fiends fell to the ground at the same time.

Rurik looked back at another ranger. Andrew couldn't guess his name, but he looked familiar. The ranger shrugged and fired another arrow into the mob of Charr. Then Andrew also noticed the Charr had decided to pick on the Elementalist, Cynn. Not good, she isn't meant to die here, even if she IS a pain. He fired an arrow a hair from Cynn's nose--and directly into the neck of a Charr Stalker aiming a blow to the sky-blue elementalist's head. She glared at her Ranger companion and the man pointed at Andrew.

Andrew smiled and waved then fired another arrow into the failing Charr Army. Then he noticed one partially large Charr. Andrew frowned, Bonfazz Burntfur. Fiona recognized the beast as well and began to fight more fiercely to get to her target. Andrew loaded one arrow into his bow. It dripped of a green liquid that hissed when a drop hit the ground, creating a small vapor of steam. He fired the arrow, but miscalculated. Instead of going in-between the monster's eyes, it hit the shoulder.

"All in good time, all in good time," said the Ranger darkly and ran into the fight, firing arrows all the way down.

By the time Fiona had hacked her way to where she estimated Burntfur was, all she saw was a heap of meat curled into a ball clutching an arrow lodged in its shoulder. The warrior sighed in disappointment. The Charr Army had been defeated. But how exactly she didn't have the slightest clue.

"And just who are you three?" yelled Cynn.
"Easy Cynn, they helped us." Said the ranger.
"That BASTARD nearly shot my head off!" And the elementlist pointed at Andrew. The Ranger smiled back behind his mask, but said nothing.
"My good friends, we thank you for your assistance in this matter!" said Prince Rurik. The Elementalist was about to say something when the monk, Mhenlo, put a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to silence her.
"We could have done it on our own! We didn't need the help of these armatures!"
"Watch what you say," was Fiona's reply. Andrew shook his head at the warrior and Fiona nodded back.
"Prince Rurik, there are survivors in the Temple of Dwayna atop the hill. We should go to them before we do anything else."

They made their way to the temple; silently, they approached the temple's main entrance. All was quiet and dark as far as the Ranger could see through a small crack in the double door. Devona nodded and pushed the doors open. A sickening creek resounded through the Temple. They were greeted with the sight of Garrin, Alyson, and Ashen, weapons drawn and pointed at their throats.

"Ahh, good you three are still alive," said Andrew, as the Knights lowered their weapons in relief. "Yes, we had a few deaths and many wounded after the last attack, but most of the survivors are still here."
"Great! Bring them all out of the Temple and into the main square! The rain has past and all the Charr have been cleared, it is only a matter of waiting for the king now."

The tattered remains of the human population of the City of Rin made their way to the town square just as the familiar sound of trumpets greeted their ears....

So what do you guys think? Did it suck? Was it good? SHould I make another story lol? Cmon guys I need a critic here!

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But i like the story so far...