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19-07-2005, 21:42
Ok, so im only level 16, which basically means i probably dont have any elite skills ( and dont). I have a max sword, axe, and hammer. I use the hammer, love it. hammers are cool and the whole knockdown thing is nice. I use the sword, love it. i can get off a bleed and deep wound like instantly. I use the axe, HATE IT. I realize that it does more damage then swords, and i TRY to like it, but i just cant. It seems to swing slower then swords (or maybe it just seems that way because the axe is shorter then my fellblade), and it takes like 7 adrenaline to do anything! By the time i can penetrateing blow, i could have already had then wounded and bleeding with sword. And then maybe a galrath slash.

I guess my REAL question is: Is axe better when you get cleave? Cleave only needs 3 adren ( !! ) so it seems like this would solve my troubles with axe right there. Am i wrong?

Lana Windmaster
19-07-2005, 22:00
Actually, try to stick with axe for a little and you'll probably get to like it... I used to like swords a lot, but as I got deeper into the game, I started to feel that swords were missing something... One of the point is that to give huge damage with a sword, you need specific conditions (i.e. for gash you need the foe to be bleeding, for Final Thrust you need the foe to be under 50% life, etc.) Since I switched to axe, I really don't miss saying: ACK! This mob can't bleed! Half my skills are useless!

Penetrating blow also does a nice job of giving armor penetration which helps on later mobs, and don't underestimate the power of deep wounding the enemy...

One way I found around the high adrenaline problem is to use frenzy... With good armor and a bit of strategy, frenzy+axe can give MASSIVE damage...

Hopes it helps you ;)

Maximus Bellator
20-07-2005, 16:29
Axe and sword attack speeds are identical. It's just you. Penetrating blow only takes five adrenaline, one more than your coveted sever artery. It takes the same amont of adrenaline to deep wound a foe as it does for a sword (7 adrenaline).

You can disable a foe's skill with six adrenaline, one below 7 which you say takes to do anything ;). You can stack the conditions--weakness and crippled fast after you get a deep wound on someone via axe rake or twist

By the time i can penetrateing blow, i could have already had then wounded and bleeding with sword. And then maybe a galrath slash.

Actually, you are quite minformed here.

Penetrating blow = 5 adrenaline

Sever + Gash = 4 adrenaline for sever artery + 3 additonal for Gsh + 1 because you will lose 1 point of adrenaline after you use a skill

Sever + Gash + Galrath = 4 + 3 + 1 for Galrath slash + 2 adrenaline because one unit will be consumed when you sever and gash them.


Penetrating Blow = 5
Sever + Gash = 8
Sever + Gash + Galrath = 10

Cleave takes four adrenaline and allows you a nice spammable bonus damage. You also get the benefit of attacking everything around you very early in the game with cyclone axe. This can build your adrenaline fast allowing you to spam your axe skills much faster. The critical hit with an axe is also higher than the swords'. This is especially noticeable with a 15 or 16 attribute level in axe mastery.

I like the axe since you can build an all adrenaline based skillset with it while doing nice damage and inflicting several nice conditions easily. Higher critical hit and easy mass attacks are also big +'s. But, if you don't like it there is no reason to waste your time using it. Just give the axe ample opportunity to shine ;)

21-07-2005, 06:41
i used swd during my noob times and had thought of using it all the way but after getting 100blades(big dismay) i felt the dmg and holding aggro to be abit lacking ,i made the change to axes when i happened to find a good axe in fiss and wanted to test it out,now theres no way im going back to swords :winking47

tbh swd is pretty good because of the high min dmg at lower lvls
but in the later game i start to feel Sever isnt really worth it(pve wise)
its fast recycle but spamming it does not inprove the hp degen jus refreashes it, most adre skills are pretty high (6-10) and some good ones uses energy....

axes start to really shine with the proper skills (and i believe once u have somewhere around 12 axe masteries)pop in furry or battle rage or frenzy and a furious upgrade and u will be busy pounding your adrealine skills :surprise:
im still experimenting with my axe bulid combinations with different setups and its been real fun

21-07-2005, 11:45
If your even thinking abouit going axe at least get some tactics because 90% of axe skills and adreniline based.
If you want Dmg and fast Dmg Do This.

9 Tactics At Least
12 + in Axe with rune

Equip. skills
1:Cyclone Axe
3:Executioners Strike
5:Axe Twist
6:To the Limit
7:For Great Justice
8:Bonettis Defense

Or you can Drop Cyclone Axe and Cleave And replace it with Healing Hands And Mending But then you wont do as much dmg.