View Full Version : Fissure Armor Ranger/Monk (second video) against Golems lvl 24!!!

28-07-2005, 17:14
Well here it is finally!! After 2 weeks of intense farming I finally had time to make a quick video against the golems in Talus chute (its nothing extraordinary).

You might see an interesting armor in that video :happy14:


28-07-2005, 17:24
Made the video so quick you forgot the link?

28-07-2005, 18:05
Made the video so quick you forgot the link?

I am trying to upload it to FileFront but it always refuses it.

Anyways, found new hoster!!


OMG just tried this site and it SUCKS.

I am really sorry. (stil trying to find a good hoster)

Here is another link:


29-07-2005, 14:22
New link


Lucky Mars
01-08-2005, 01:33
Hi i liked your video very much and i'm farming there to after you first video (the drops there are really good :happy34: )
I was wondering what program are u using to record and what program are u using to edit the vid.
BTW you got a really nice bow but the best bow for farming there is fiery long bow of enchanting +15% while enchanced :happy14:

lord falcon
25-05-2006, 16:45
Mclain,That was some awesome vidoes.I tried it and it worked they were awesome if u get this and post again could u plzzz post in game name i want to see you do the whole run and not in a movie:grin:

25-05-2006, 19:13
wow, big deal

doriath hunthor
13-06-2006, 00:21
what skills were u using?

13-06-2006, 05:44
hmmm, you seem to be using the basic barrage solo farm build with a few modifications... bringing kindle arrows? bad idea, as it doesnt work with barrage you're only able to use it for one monster at a time when you're not using barrage, kinda pointless, no real surprise that you can solo them either, also what diff does the fow armor make? none

Eros Hayashi
13-06-2006, 10:23
where abouts is that please?

13-06-2006, 14:19
28-07-2005, 06:14 PM
I believe this person was the one that made the first solo farming build using barrage, live vicariously and the other normal skills.