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Raoul Fantome
14-08-2005, 18:47
Hi guys Im new to the profession of Mesmer, after playing a Monk for both PvP and PvE. So I thought Mesmer being the one profession that I hate the most while playing the Monk, I decided to make one and loved it to death!

Anyways let's go the main point here lol. I'm looking for the location of the +10 E, +30 Hp, and +1 to an attribute Focii for Mesmer. So far I have found one for Domination outside of Bloodstone Fen. I am now wondering where are the locations for the Illusion and Inspiration one? And +10 Energy is the max for this kind of Focii right?

Anyways, that's all for now, been enjoying reading posts on this forum. Hope you guys can answer my question, thanks!

14-08-2005, 18:55






These items are generally considered to be the best obtainable items you can get.

Some extremely rare gold items might possibly have the same stats with an an additional mod on it. These would be so rare that they would command prices that would be ridiculous. Most gold items wouldnt even come up to the 20 % that the canes and foci can get. The staffs are worth looking at also if you have a good staff head and or wrapping to put on it.

Sir Syrath

EDIT when I say best obtainable I mean for casters. Melee tend to get the raw end of the deal with thier items (no +15% dmg health >50%)

14-08-2005, 19:01
My notes say Orson Cooper north of Old Joness in Tangle Root has the Inspiration one (of that type) and I can't find an Illusion Magic one.

Raoul Fantome
14-08-2005, 19:22
Thanks for the quick reply you guys, Ill look them up in game. Once again thanks ;)

Oh btw I know about the Desert Collectors ones, I just want to get a hold of the Fociis I was talking about.

14-08-2005, 20:49
If I recall correctly, the illusion one (with +30hp, +1 illusion 20%chance) is inside Hedge of Denravi, at the healing spring. I'll check real quick.


Yep its there. Go to the fountain in the middle of Henge of Denravi, then turn exactly southwest. Follow the path up to a large healing fountain. Theres 3 collectors here, the one with the illusion foci is on the left, Loreen Cranford. She requires 5 Jungle Troll Tusks.

Elessar the True
14-08-2005, 22:47
Not sure about those items being the best you can get. I'm pretty happy with the collector 20/20 chakram and 20 cane from the desert. 36% chance of immediate recharge is pretty sweet, as mesmer spells aren't as bad as the big ele nukes, but generally are still out for 20-30 seconds. Lacking many AoE spells, we need all the recharging we can get.

Raoul Fantome
15-08-2005, 00:39
Well thanks you guys. Yep lots of people told me the desert collector items are the best for Mesmer, I just want to keep one from this type also.

18-08-2005, 03:49
Just happened to find the Inspiration +1 20%. Its as Hahnsoo said, north a ways from a statue and the river mouth. Requires 5 Ancient Eyes.

18-08-2005, 04:23
Out of curiosity, is it possible for two different items, a focus and a wand, say, to have the same condition trigger at the same time? For instance, I have a focus and wand that say they can improve Death Magic's casting speed by 20%. Can they trigger together? If they trigger together, do they stack? Is it a linear stacking, or a multiplicative stacking? I heard someone say that the same effect can't trigger at the same time if it's on two items separately.

Just curious...

I do enjoy those Denravi items though, the +30 health bonus is nice for counteracting runes.