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16-08-2005, 23:16
Hello all, I will be posting some two Griffon Run videos using a completely new build that probably none of you have ever seen. I hope you enjoy the videos, took me a great deal of trouble to figure them out :happy34:

These are my very first videos so they aren't very high quality. The first one, basic griffon run is a much high quality then the second. I did this on purpose as I felt it was important for the onlookers to understand the build, so I urge you to watch both videos.

Both videos are in avi. format, not sure which players are compatible with it, I just use Winamp (www.winamp.com)


The Build:

I use 11 Healing Prayers, 11 Axe Mastery (10 +1 Rune) 8 Tactics (7 +1 Rune) and 5 Smiting Prayers. I have only completed the 15 attribute quest from the Crystal Desert. Completion of Dragon's Lair is required.

Skills: Gladiator's Defense {E}, Cyclone Axe, Bonetti's Defense, Vigorous Spirit, Mending, Live Vicarously and Shield Stance

I use Gladiator's Armor and the 45hp -2 while enchanted Collector's Shield. The axe doesn't really matter. (Shield is found in Mamnoon Lagoon for 5 Ancient Eyes) Also, good plan to have atleast a Major Vigor/Absorbtion.


The First Video

Hobo Style Griffon Run (http://files.filefront.com/Hobo_Style_Griffon_Run/;4044540;;/fileinfo.html)

Difficulty: 4/10

Best to attempt to mimic this video before attempting my second video, as it is significantly more difficult.


The Second Video

Extreme Hobo Style Griffon Run (http://files.filefront.com/Extreme_Hobo_Style_Griffon_Run/;4044344;;/fileinfo.html)

Difficulty: 8/10

This video is not as good quality as the one before, as I said before, It is more important for you to understand the build. Also, this video is meant for "hardcore" Griffon Runners. So attempt it when you feel ready, and also, dying is not uncommon :winking47


Hope you enjoy watching my videos.

Good Hunting,

Henry The Hobo :happy14:

If you have any troubles, contact me in-game on Henry The Hobo, Henry Swordhobo or Arisiah Flamebred