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17-08-2005, 13:26
Well, this may be an understatement, but based on my horrible experiences as a IW mesmer in PvE, whenever, i go against msmer mobs, straight away remove enchantment. now, i can use conjure phantosm and phantom pain as the 40 second clock goes away, but everytime i go into battle with mesmer mobs, or mobs with mesmers in it, eg, stone summit arcanists, i am near useless for 40s+? :( :confused: anyone with solutions? i thank anyone for their reply :happy34:

Reverie Albion
17-08-2005, 13:52
Know your enemy. If you know they gonna do this either put IW under a few layer of other enchantements so they get stripped insteasd of IW.
If not, just bring some other skills along. Hex breaker makes wonder agst them.
IW is a backup dmg dealing option. If you run a IW weponeer and rely mostly on IW to deal dmg then yeah you'll be in trouble in PvE and PvP

17-08-2005, 13:55
Firstly I would never base a build round IW solely. Its too easily removed as you have found it. Its main use should as a backup to use if you get blinded etc while in combat. You have 8 skill slots for a reason.

Secondly there are situations where a mesmer should avoid being in combat in the first place. Mesmers are not warriors (although you can do a good job).

Thirdly dont underestimate the power of phantom pain and conjure phantasm. Phantom pain will do 100 dmg (or more depending what you cast it on) when it ends. Conjure phantasm is a very spammable spell and can be used to soften up multiple targets before your group get to them. It also causes monk mobs to spread round the healing thin.

On those missions/areas you might want to take along Ineptitude(or signet of midnight) and epidemic. You can render a whole group of swarmed melee compeltely useless with just 2 skills. Your monk will thank you for it. Its great against stone summit and avicara.

Sir Syrath

17-08-2005, 14:09
Well first off, thank u for ur replies, i appreciate it. :surprise:
indeed, knowing ur enemy is an important thing, and as my experiences in pvp as w/e, it is worth it to do some research on other classes. this is my first experience as a mesmer, and i am amazed as to how sir is so expert at this. :worship:

17-08-2005, 14:31
I tried in PvE a mesmer/monk build relying on IW and smiting prayers. I would cast zealot fire, and then face a group of 2-4 monsters, cast balthazar's aura and Symbol of wrath. Then each time you use distortion, zealot fire activates. If you add over this IW, then you're dealing quite a lot of damage per seconds. I had loads of fun using this strategy. However, when you meet mobs dispelling enchantment, it can be quite problematic. If my zealot fire and IW were dispelled, I could at least do something with Baltharzar's aura and symbol of wrath. I found out that this build is more useful against enchantment-dispelling monsters when you stand more in the back and let your teammates receive the first wave of enchantment removal, then you jump in after. If you are doing a mission with henchies, forget about that build in area heavy with these kind of monsters as they always target you first.

Like the people above said, IW as a main damage output is not a good idea, but as a support damage output to other skills, then it can work great.

17-08-2005, 16:57
I have a Me/W in Thunderhead atm that went through all PvE using a build revolving around IW only (i got it quite early at level 10 running to forge).

IW is EXTREMELY good in PvE imo. Why? There's nothing more easy than protecting crucial enchantments in PvE with nearly never NR, Rend or Lingerning (ofc in these area, like vs Flesh Golems, change strategy), you know exactly what to expect. Just count the amount of shatter enchants done and the amount of enemy Mesmers and use IW after they did it (they always start by casting shatter and then can't remove another enchant for like 20-25 sec by which time they're all dead).

You can ask a monk to use a small enchant on you after you cast IW, or spells like Aegis protects your whole team from shatter. If you feel safe to use IW right away use it, otherwise i like using Conundrum and Power Drain on casters and Phantom Pain while waiting for the good opportunity to start my IW.

In nearly all areas of the game this skill is really really efficient. It cuts very fast through most stuff other things can't, like Mursaat bosses, high level warrior/ranger mobs, etc. I just Flurry IW through everything. The main thing is to know when to start it, how to protect it (you can't yourself if you're Me/W, but you can easily ask a monk to cast a small 10+ sec enchant on you so that it's gonna be shattered instead of your IW. Just with Lina for hench, she's protecting it without knowing all the time using Aegis, RoF, etc) and have something to do while you wait (Phantasm, PP, Conundrum...).

The skill shined the most in Dunes of Despair when i told my team to defend ghost while i soloed every single Wurm in the end using IW and Diversion on their Wurm Siege :happy53:

Elessar the True
17-08-2005, 18:30
Why would distortion trigger zealot's?

Neandro Thal
17-08-2005, 22:59
Im playing Illusion/Inspiration Mes right now and planning on getting IW post ascension. BUt the thought of getting it earlier is quite intriguing. Ive never been "run" anywhere". What is the best way to get to Iron Mines (Im assuming thats where u capture IW?). Is it through the Northern Shiverpeaks down thru the Southern Shiverpeaks and how much should that cost about?


18-08-2005, 09:26
Why would distortion trigger zealot's?

Zealot's Fire

"For 60 seconds, whenever you use a skill on an ally, all foes adjacent to your target are struck for 5-37 fire damage."

You use distortion on yourself (you count as an ally), so the damage of zealot's is activated everytime you activate distortion. That's the way I found to pull more damage while using IW as I was basically always on distortion. Although I have not tried to compare IW+flurry with IW+Zealot's+Distortion, I think you end up doing more damage against 2 or 3 monsters facing you in PvE with the latter option.