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Nobleman Azure
19-08-2005, 18:27
The final day of the Inspiration week! Elite Friday!!

Now for our elite, I chose the odd mantra that looks pretty sub-par on paper but is actually one of the pretty nice skills in the illusion line. Ill explain more after I present you:

Mantra of Recall

15en cost
1sec cast
20sec rec

For 20 seconds, you gain no benefits from it. You gain 20-33 energy when Mantra of Recall ends.

The only mantra that is an enchantment. Well it looks so mediocre from what I read, but this actually can help a great deal. Lets list a few uses of this enchantment.

1. Well its energy regain first of all, You can speed it up by contemplation of purity or conjure elements.

2. Masker. You can use this to mask your important enchantments, if it gets dispelled you gain the energy

3. Energy hide. Energy Denial mesmers eat your heart out, this little baby can help or go against energy denial builds. It can create a hole in your energy pool to fill energy with, use it and at the 20th second, mor eenergy. (Though really en denial builds dont need much energy gain) It can go against them by putting part of your energy pool and little into an enchantment ready to give back when time comes.

With this said, this enchantment is really nice but I still sort of do question why its an elite.

PVE:7/10 (Energy Gain in PVE is pretty nice)
CAPVP: 7/10
TAPVP: 8/10 (En denials rampage here at times)
HOH: 8/10 (well, its an enchantment and we all know what stops it like a madman)

EDIT** good point from the poster below. Changed HOH Rating from 6 to 8

Varian Regalei
19-08-2005, 18:49
Nature's Renewal isn't a detriment to this skill. If you know NR is coming down consistently then cast it when you have 15 EN for a free boost every 20 seconds. I don't find that it has any use however, considering Energy Drain does the same thing and can be used offensively. I don't see how it would synergize with any illusion skills to be honest.

Although, it could be very handy for a monk while quickening zephyr is up, when just about everyone will be out of energy. Sometimes you just have to generate EN out of nowhere.

19-08-2005, 19:52
Mantra of Recall is still one of my favorite skills from the inspiration line. I find that this skill is a nice match with any build that does a spike spell combo which depletes their energy pool rapidly.

For example, a series of Conjure Phantasm, Spirit Shackles, Phantom Pain and Clumsiness/Arcane Conundrum can wipe out your energy stores quickly. So throw this on, use an energy tap and you can be up to full energy and use any spell combo every 20 seconds.

It's a nice general elite when I need to run a Swiss Army knife build that isn't too situational. Sure, for specific strategies there are better ones out there, but I haven't gone wrong running this with energy tap.

PvE: 7/10 (usually enemy groups are manageble that an E. Tap will suffice)
CAPVP: 8/10 (it's nice here where you need to be self-sufficient, and battles will be longer)

TAPVP: 7/10

Flying Wombat
19-08-2005, 20:47
i heard someone mention in a diff thread that this spell is a great combo w/ ether lord: put this down, toss out a few energy denial spells or somethin then toss ether lord in to lock their energy and at the 20 sec mark u get plenty of energy back

i've not tried it yet and prolly never will but it sounds good in theory

and i just want to b sure, it can end prematurely w/ like say drain enchant and u still get the energy back, rite?

19-08-2005, 21:24
That's correct, which is one of the beautiful things about this spell. Actually there are several things which warrant an elite status (in my mind) which are not obvious.

1) It's an enchantment, and not a stance. And therefore doesn't use your stance slot which you only have 1 of.

2) Which is broken by either an enemy spell or your own (such as contemplation of purity) you get the full energy gain with no penalty.

3) At high levels of Inspiration, the energy gain is nearly as much as energy drain with the added benefit that you are storing energy with dividends.

FC Flounder
19-08-2005, 21:44
I know we're not supposed to compare skills from different lines, but I can't resist this one!

I think it's really clear why Mantra of Recall is an elite, if you compare it to the monk elite, Peace and Harmony.

A lot of people like to run P+H for its energy management benefits, but really it's nothing compared to MoR. At lvl 12 DF, P+H gives +1 energy regen for about 80 seconds--that's a gain of about 22 mp (27, subtracting the 5 mp casting cost). Over the same 80 second period, with lvl 12 Inspiration, MoR will bring you 60 mp. That's almost 3 times more energy!!!

In other words, I think that MoR only looks underpowered when it's compared to Energy Drain. But for Me secondary builds, which aren't interested in denial, only in energy management, I think that MoR can be a great elite.

19-08-2005, 22:57
B/c there is a mantra of recovery its confusing to call it MoR.

1. It doesn't require a target.

2. It always gives the mana where as energy drain doesn't.

Those are the minor points.

Major ones:

3. It acts as a buffer enchantment.

4. At the beginning of the battle it will give you one extra charge over energy drain b/c you cast it so it ends and gets recharged right after your first volley.

I think a Mo/Me would have the most benefit from this spell b/c of all their enchantments and how much they get targetted.

The foil to an energy drain mesmer build would be to have this up and as he starts his volley against you switch to an empty weapon set...then switch back and you'll have all your energy.

It is very situational though. Normally I agree that energy drain is better. Its always nice to put some hurt on while you're gaining energy.

20-08-2005, 00:30
It been mentioned once, this skill has absolutely amazing potential when combined with contemplation. If sustained it allows you to boom your energy back to near full at any moment. Additionally you shake hexes and conditions when you use contemplation to trigger it (along with a little bonus health.) It takes a bit more planning than Offering or Energy drain, but has a ton of potential.

Elessar the True
20-08-2005, 02:01
And then there's Blessed Signet, Symbiosis, etc, etc....

Even money we'll get a "Mimicry Ether renewal" post in the next five.

Lot's o combos with enchantments. I hadn't thought of the "not a stance" benefit, but its the "is an elite" detriment that keeps it on the sidelines for me.

20-08-2005, 03:02
Wow, why have I not paid attention to this skill? It looks fantastic for secondary Mesmers.

I'm beginning to think X/Me is the best period.

20-08-2005, 07:10
I agree with all of the above. It's a great skill that would be incredible is it weren't an elite. I'd use it with Mantra of Recovery for a MoRx2 combo. Mantra of Recovery would let me cast Mantra of Recall every 10 seconds. Assuming it works like Aura of the Lich and Demonic Flesh for the Necro line, you'd get the benefits of the old charge at the normal time even if you lay down a new one. That means you could get the energy bonus every 10 seconds after the first cycle.

Oh well, enough fantasizing. It's a Mesmer advanced elite, but it's a good one for all the reasons mentioned.

20-08-2005, 07:24
Oooh. More testing to be done.

I should respec my Mo/W to Mo/Me

Elessar the True
20-08-2005, 08:36
I would strongly encourage anyone considering an X/Me build to test the same build as Me/X with fast cast (especially Eles and Necros), unless your build absolutely requires the prime attribute of the other class. It's that good.

26-08-2005, 21:31
Well this is an Elite skill... and what you have to factor in is oppurtunity cost.

What that means.. is what are you giving up by taking it? Here is a list
Energy Surge
Power Block
mantra of Recovery
Crippling Anguish
Fevered Dreams
Illusionary Weaponry
Energy Drain
Keystone Signet
Signet of Midnight

Given.. some Elites only work for some builds, but this is what you are giving up =) Just wanted to let you guys know about that.. hardly anybody brings up oppurtunity cost into this. Maybe its the Econ major kicking in, but i see an elite.. and i see other elites and go.. well.. if i take this.. what am i NOT taking, is it worth it. Like my W/Me i play.. i use Illusionary Weaponry.. let alone if i replaced it with MoRecal it would be nice to have that boost in energy but.. i would lose the functionatily of my build.

Nobleman Azure
26-08-2005, 23:26
I assure, you opportunity cost, while not mentioned is very much considered on every Elite Friday SotD. Its just simple and its a given, even people who do not know what opportunity cost is has it in their heads that if they take this, they cant take any other elite.

Elessar the True
27-08-2005, 01:52
One thing about Mantra of Recall - you've got to make sure you cast it every time it recharges. When I capped it the first time in the Dragon's Lair, I'd use it before battle and thought it was cute but hardly elite. But if you arrange things so that you can continually recast it, the raw energy gain really adds up, even aside from all the other benefits listed here. It comes to nearly one energy per second = 3 arrows of regen!