View Full Version : Energy Recovery vs Energy Regen?

19-08-2005, 22:54
Can anyone please tell me the difference between the two? I have 2 items +2 energy recovery and 1 item -1 energy regen. I can only witness the slower regen...what's the deal?


Wrath of God
19-08-2005, 23:26
Their the same thing. Mesmer start out with 2 energy regeneration. 2 of Mesmers armor give +1 energy regeneration so you have a total of 4. If you pick the wand that gives -1 energy regeneration +15 energy, you'll only have 3 but have 15 additional max energy. I don't think those wands are worph it though, I'd prefer more energy regeneration than max energy. Each energy regeneration gives 1/3 of an energy each second. So if you have 4 energy regeneration, in 1 second, you gain 1.33 energy.

19-08-2005, 23:29
i see...are there any focus items or wands or anything in addition to armor which increases the regen to like 5?

Wrath of God
19-08-2005, 23:48
No, get the '20% chance of casting Earth Magic faster wand' and the 'foci that increases armor, health if you are enchanted'.