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28-08-2005, 23:04
one of the few builds i found to work
16 fast cast
12 in healing
rest in whatever. maybe dom for hex breaker

Signet of Midnight
Healing Breeze
Dwayna's Kiss
Orison of Healing
Hex Breaker
Remove Hex
Restore Life

with 12 in HP and 16 in FC, your restore would take approx 4 seconds to revive an ally with 40% HP and 80% energy. signet the warrior/rangers; especially if they're attacking you since you don't want to be interrupted while res'ing. you can argue that mesmers will pwn this build, but personally in PvP lately i haven't met many interrupt mesmers. plus they're prob all tired out from interrupting the monk to death.

this technically provides unlimited res for your team, and it'd be ideal to save all signets for you and let you res others. 1 issue i encountered was (all in Random arenas; i've never played this build with a structured team yet) if your opposing team is powerful, and your monk isn't exceptionally skilled, he mounts 60% DP and becomes very weak...easily killed. against an all mesmer group, our monk kept getting fragilitied to death. they tried to frag me but with hex breaker it was too difficult and they gave up.

another advantage - most foes dont' realize you're healing too. offers a bit of a tactical advantage as they focus fire on the monk and wonder why he's not dying.

here's what it would look like to have a fairly good team with you. 1 healer, 1 smiter, and 1 ranger. this was random arenas too, but we got boosted up. i messed up on my skilset and accidentally brought vigorous spirit. anyway, this was pretty dumb since we had TOO much healing. ideally the monk would be half smite half heal maybe.

Nobleman Azure
29-08-2005, 15:54
It does work indeed, however I dont feel you are using the full power of your 16 fast casting attribute.

Spells like Healing seed are exceptionally great in this type of build since its cast time is sped up alot and it doesnt really depend on divine favor with its capabilities.

The same can be said with heal party but I would only try that in 8v8 to help out the monks.

The problem with this of course is energy, epidemic would be a bit overkill in most situations but with teh current boom of warriors in the arenas because of PVPX, It will work fine. Im not sure if warriors will continute to crowd the arenas however.

The build is paranoid of hexes, of course i believe it reflects your personality and its nice to see it being applied to builds. Its not an insult, admittedly my build is paranoid of air elementalists.
Just to give you an idea of what i could have done, i would drop hex breaker for something else since a fastcasted remove hex will be enough to stop hexing problems.

What I would incorporate is vengeance. Fastcasted vengeance is about one of the fastest ressurection skills you will ever see. Yes, it has a 30 second lasting time but this spell is especially great when you face heavy spikers who can bring down your partner even if he has been broughtup by max restore life. Also handy if you are in a position where touch range will waste your time (on top of a mound for example or under fort koga bridges).

30-08-2005, 06:35
for comp arenas, i wouldn't change the skill set since i believe as of now it's perfect. 1/3 times you'll be the priority target since no monks are on your team, and this allows you to group the warriors with the rangers and epidemic all at once. hex breaker i find to work great since it really messes up fragility mesmers, and annoys necros who try to life transfer or soul leech.

in a strucutred team, i'd take out epidemic too. in fact, i don't think i'll use signet of midnight at all since if the other team is even remotely experienced, they'd have mend ailment.

i'm really frazzled right now, but i think this could be made into the perfect res machine in 8man teams for GvG. vengeance, light of dwayna, restore life, ressurect OR rebirth (for emergencies. faster cast time) and skills such as convert hexes and possibly martyr or draw conditions.

31-08-2005, 01:35
Im new to the boards here, but ive played alot of gw for a while. I've made a mesmer monk just like yours, but mine is a bit more offensive.

12 healing prayers
8 fast cast
10 (+2) illusion

Illusionary Wep
Illusion of Haste
Healing Breeze
Heal Other
Restore Life
Ressurect/Heal area

With this build, u can res fairly quickly, go offensive if necessary, heal allies decently, and can lure away/run from warriors with ease.

Illusionary wep + distortion allows you to defeat warriors fairly easily, Restore Life + distortion allows you to res without worry of distraction from warriors or rangers. Illusion of Haste + Distortion allows you to get away from enemies fairly easily. The only serious choice would be between ressurect or heal area. With Ressurect, you can ressurect people from afar, while with heal area, you could self heal and heal someone right after you use restore life. Only problem is DoT, and your build seems to cover that better with remove hex.