View Full Version : me/w or me/n?

heavens exiled
31-08-2005, 09:01
I am having a hard time deciding on which of the two for my secondary. This is going to mostly pve, but might use for gvg or pvp if I get in the mood, and would like to know what are some of your guy's experience in either of the two secondary classes.

I'm in both ways, as I have warrior and like being in the front but like to play in the back as support and hinder the enemies.

So I'm stuck on which to choose.

So please help me decide on which i should go for with some tips and etc., Thanks!

01-09-2005, 03:54
I have a Me/W and she works pretty well for me. She is like a "half tank" as I like to call it. But to tell you the truth. I went the warrior way for just the look of it. I was going for a girl mesmer that looks sweet and inocent, that carries the longest sword and the biggest sheild. She looks sweet and tough at the same time...just like me :happy05: