View Full Version : What to do when extremly bored :)

Miss Jazebel
02-09-2005, 20:19
Login into guildwars, download a random song, start fraps and start dancing in the guildhall.


Right click and choose save as.

laz ownz you for real
02-09-2005, 20:47
...... I dont think you can make a 3 minute movie entertaining for one character by just rotating camera angles:/ :confused:

Miss Jazebel
02-09-2005, 20:54
Im just bored thats all, I do not expect to win an oscar for best director with it. I made it for a laugh, some people...

Rob Van Der Sloot
02-09-2005, 21:49
Bored? We've got the Frog party coming on next sunday in the international channel, and in a few days there's the summer update. I've never been more excited.

Miss Jazebel
02-09-2005, 22:00
To be honest Rob, the game doesn't intrest me as much anymore...

I will however might show up at the dance...

02-09-2005, 22:44
I must say it was different! I rather thought it was nice. I have never made a movie playing GW. I think it would be nice to do. That was funny yet not at all in a bad way at least not to me. That was good! WTG! IMO

03-09-2005, 00:22
I found it oddly humerous ^_^

03-09-2005, 15:47
heh, I kinda like it :) :happy65:

and you better bring Integra to the party on sunday..

03-09-2005, 17:36
I think your on to something :idea:

I never thought of zoomin' in/out to the beat! very nice :happy34:
Here's what I vision

Start like normal then after a few zoom all the way in on your girl, STOP REC

Move to a new location beach/sand etc..

Zoom in all the way START REC and finish as above

Repeat as needed

Once you peice all them together you'd have a nice sorta fade in fade out effect. With the mood of the music you could change the season etc..

Miss Jazebel
03-09-2005, 17:49
Yeah thats what I thought up last night, small takes on different locations, with different chars and put them together. Might do that again when I'm extremely bored.

And yes Integra will be there, to many people already whispered me :D