View Full Version : +12e +5a +45h offhand

26-09-2005, 08:40
Hi all. I dont know if item like that even exist. What i am looking is some collector offhand weapon with following stats:

+12 ene
+5armor(when enchanted)
+45health(when enchanted)

I found some items like that but with +6, +8 or +10 ele. Never 12, so dummo if they can be found.
And for req. im using earth magic, energy storage and smiting prayers.
Thx for answers.

26-09-2005, 11:13
the weapons crafter in Droknors forge caries the earth version.

It costs 10 parchment, 30 wood planks and 5 platinum.

Vexed Arcanist
26-09-2005, 17:27
He should also have one for smite (not sure if it is +45 health for the smite one), he has one focus for most caster attributes, but not all will have the +5/45, some are +1/20%

26-09-2005, 19:04
he does not have a smite foci, only divine, healing and protection