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Wasteland Squidget
18-10-2005, 22:19
Sympathetic Visage
Attribute: Illusion Magic
Energy Cost: 10
Activation Time: 1 second
Recharge: 30 seconds
For 8-18 seconds, whenever target ally is hit by a melee attack, all nearby enemies lose all adrenaline and 3 energy.

I often have difficulty working this spell into an Illusion bar, not because it isn't an extremely effective choice but because it requires me to watch a different part of the battle field than I usually do.

Most of my time as a Mesmer is spent watching the enemy. Their builds, their skills, their positioning, and everything else I can possibly use to mess them up with specific hexes.

Trying to use this spell while in that mindset creates issues because it isn't anything that directly messes up the enemy, but is instead a protection enchantment. When using this I usually have to watch my own team's health bars to see who is being attacked, which can sometimes take my attention away from the enemy team.

That said - when used properly this enchantment is incredibly useful against warrior-heavy teams. Unless stripped it makes warrior damage almost negligible as long as it is active, and can be held up nearly all the time with an enchatment length staff and maxed Illusion. Place it on the target the warriors are attacking and not only is that target protected but the warriors once again have to build up adrenaline and energy before they can do any real damage.

Moreover, because of the 'adjacent foes' effect if even one warrior is slow to switch targets it can often affect the entire group of them. The casting time of this spell with Fast Casting is comparable to other prot enchantments and functions very effectively to prevent adrenaline spikes.

This skill took me some practice to learn how to use, but now I find it very effective against any team or group with a couple warriors. The more the enemy team relies on the warriors for damage the more this becomes a 'must-remove' enchantment to do any real damage to their targets.

Unfortunately, this is an Enchantment rather than a Hex, so Mantra of Persistence won't help you here. However, I still find it quite effective when going against any number of warriors, and as a warrior I hate few things more than running up against this enchantment in 4v4 or 8v8.

PvE: 9/10 (Large groups of predictable warriors are common)
CA: 7/10 (Many warriors, but they'll often spread out and attack different targets)
TA: 8/10 (Fewer warriors than CA but they will all focus on one target, making this enchantment more effective)
HoH: 8/10 (Effective against warriors in general and just hilarious against IWAY)
GvG: 7/10 (This tends to get stripped a lot quicker in high-end PvP, though it's still dangerous.)

18-10-2005, 22:32
A great skill for an IW mesmer:

1) it covers your IW, so if you get hit with drain/strip etc you still have IW
2) the skill itself - laugh as the warrior who had been hitting you rushes off to find a different target, then go stab him in the back :D

18-10-2005, 22:32
If you've ever played a warrior and attacked someone under this enchantment, you'd know that this enchantment is a pain.

I personally find it very useful when I carry it, if you are getting hit by a warrior, you can stand near a monk for a nice 'energy denial' effect.... and although this spell is not affected by mantra of persistance, it IS affected by the staff mod +20% enchantment duration, which is rather nice.

I agree with most of the scores it was given, useful spell, but as was stated, its difficult to find a place in a skill line up...

18-10-2005, 23:07
One of my first threads (http://forums.gwonline.net/showthread.php?t=356612) at this site back in July was dedicated to this great enchant. While I use it differently now, I still like it a lot as an alternative to Distortion when I really want to spam another stance (Hex Breaker excluded). Here's some of the specifics I wrote back then as to why it works well on Warriors:

How can you not love this?! Not only does an attacking warrior lose all adrenaline EVERYTIME he makes contact, but all of his Warrior buddies around him lose all of theirs too! That alone is awesome, but then this skill is great enough to take away -3E from them on all of them each hit as well... I mean, what else do you need for anti-warrior?

Look a little closer.... here's what all warriors around the target lose access to:

- Final Thrust, Galrath Slash, and Sever Artery for Swordsmen.

- Backbreaker, Counter Blow, Devasting Hammer, Earth Shaker, Hammer Bash, Heavy, Mighty, and Staggering Blow for Hammer Warriors.

- Against Axe Masters? They lose access to every skill in that line except for Cleave and Swift Chop!

Oh man this is too good. Two of these three skill lines depend heavily on Adrenaline to be effective. And even if they stick with energy based skills, they still use -3E with each contact they make. And, here's the real cool thing...it's an enchannt on you or your monk (as an example) so all they don't know what's going on until they hit their target, unlike hexes. Three Warriors smacking the same target and that's 9E and all Adrenaline gone after one swing (and what Warrior can control himself not to swing at least twice? )

It's my third favorite Mesmer defense, and I give this enchant an 8/10 for PvP.

19-10-2005, 04:08
i love this when i want to go crazy and run my illusion weapon build. Coupled with distortion, it give me a significant edge against the melee warriors.slapped on illusion of weakness, vision will be less prone to stripping.

19-10-2005, 04:56
Amazing skill. Just amazing.

Not only is it a good skill to run as a primary mesmer, but it also works well for characters that have mesmer as their secondary. I started running this recently on my monk build for CA and I have to say it really weakens the warriors to the point where I don't have to worry as much about healing since their damage output has been reduced by so much.

However since it is not a hex like soothing images I was still surprised how many warriors didn't actually switch targets after I activated it. Several warriors just kept on hitting me and only a small percentage realized what was happening and switched targets. I'm not sure if they just didn't notice because the effect is so subtle (well they can't see it on themselves at least) or if they just had no idea it was due to them attacking me.

From the warrior perspective I'm aware that it is incredibly annoying, just fighting those Thorn Stalkers outside of Temple of Ages in incredibly annoying since all of them use it.

And from the mesmer side, well it's incredibly annoying and effective, what more is there to say? I use it if there are warriors, and it works wonders.