View Full Version : How do u challenge ppl in arcade?

Ninja Specter
20-12-2005, 00:58
I want to find out how to challenge ppl in the arcade. Also, I really want to challenge some1 to Chopper Challenge.

Demented Soul
20-12-2005, 03:22
Easy way... Click on someones name in the high score boards then click on challenge user on their profile.

Hard Way... (Since not everyone's on the scorboard) Find out someones usernumber and add it onto this link.


Example.. http://forums.gwonline.net/arcade.php?do=stats&u=184189

To find out someones usernumber you'll need to go to their normal profile then take the numbers off of the link. I don't know of any other ways than that.

EDIT: *post below* Ah, never noticed that, I knew there should've been an easier way :)

20-12-2005, 03:46
Also, you can find one of their posts and click on their name, then click "Challenge XXX in the arcade" and then a screen will come up, showing your name and avatar and the possible opponents name and avatar, and under those, you can pick what game you want to challenge them in.