View Full Version : Typo In Link "GWOnline.Net"

06-01-2006, 13:24
The link at the bottom of the forums "GWOnline.Net" contains a typo as it links to http://formus.gwonline.net/ ."formus" should be "forums" ;) minor error but I thought I should report it :)

06-01-2006, 13:37
Yuo, we know about it ;) Its a bit lower on our list right now, but we will take care of it when we can.

10-01-2006, 19:12
I might as well point out the typo on the front page of RPGTraders:

"If you are new to RPGtraders, take some time out to read the FAQ and igf you have any problems then please use the Support Forum. "
Bolded should be "if".

Don't know who has the power to change that though. Might be only Rushster or Xircon.