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13-01-2006, 19:35
The sidebar in the CGW article concerning the Assasin gives some interesting hints about the Assasin's unique Melee mechanic...

Everyone knows the Warrior's unique Melee mechanic(the Adrenaline system), hack away until you build up enough to use a specific Adrenal skill, seperate skills have their own adrenaline pools(which usually aren't affected by other Adrenal skills other than stuff like Final Thrust) and so on.

Now what I get out of the sidebar, Assasin's have "Primary", "Off-hand" and "Dual" dagger moves which they apparently chain together in a sequence.

How I imagine this:
Using a "Primary" dagger skill lights up the skill slots of all your "Off-hand" dagger skills(enabling their use), this is basically the opener of your combo.
Now you an "Off-hand" type skill, which causes your "Off-hand" skills to grey out again, but lights up your "Dual" dagger skills. Using a "Dual" dagger skill finishes the combo, leaving you to start a new one, or do something else.

Your equipped dagger skills are Jagged Strike "Primary"(causes bleeding), Viper Strike "Off-hand"(unblockable and unevadable) and Razor Wing "Dual"(knocks down if target has no allies standing near him).

At the beginning, you can only use Jagged Strike. Once you hit an enemy with Jagged Strike, Viper Strike will light up(maybe this will cause your "Primary"s like Jagged Strike to grey out, although I doubt it, your opening moves should probably always be usable). Using Viper Strike will light up Razow Wing(while Viper Strike itself will grey out again after use) and finally using Razor Wing ends the combo.

Depending on recharge times and other variables having more than one "Primary" move would for example allow you to start up combos faster(by not having to wait for a "Primary" skill to recharge and just using another "Primary") and having more than one "Off-Hand" or "Dual" move would of course grant you more variety in how you go through your combos.

Waiting for long periods in between move steps would probably cause your "Off-hand" or "Dual" skills to be greyed out automatically(similar to how adrenaline disappears if you don't fight for a while) and maybe even switching targets would "break" a chain.

Of course, this is all speculation, but I guess we'll see in week, right? :wink:

16-01-2006, 21:21
I like how you think with that idea, it would make playing the assassin very interesting... and it would certainly achieve the combo aspect.

20-01-2006, 13:28
I have to say I basically predicted 95% of the system as it actually turns out to be a week before it came out. *Pats himself on the back and goes to grab some cookies*

20-01-2006, 17:17
Well now that the assassin is out, can someone confirm this attack sequence? Also, does a normal attack ruin the sequence, in which case you might not want to hit that spacebar?

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21-01-2006, 04:55
The time you can wait between between doing the 1st and 2nd(or 2nd and 3rd, what have you)move in a chain without your chain breaking is roughly 3 seconds. Try to play around with it and get used to how fast your energy regenerates so you can time those combos better.