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19-01-2006, 20:49
The weapon lists on pvp characters have been updated, it includes the ritualist and assassins weapons for the weekend.

Looks like the ritualist will have wands that deal fire, dark, cold and lightning damage. The best of all selection by the looks of things (fire for mark of rodgort, cold for spinal shivers, lightning for glimmering mark and thunderclap, and dark damage for rangers and warriors so they work off base armor...).

EDIT: Foci: Most of these are just reskinned necromancer foci. All bar the first one, which looks like a new graphic.

19-01-2006, 20:58
link pls, i'm not familiar with the forums here as of yet. thx

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Mashus Altorus
20-01-2006, 09:31
well your not and neither am i but i know one rule they dont like people posting 3 posts 1 after another


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20-01-2006, 17:08
They will probably have new wands once the game goes gold. (I mean appearance)

21-01-2006, 07:22
I made a comment in another thread that the weapons had no "glow" enhancements. That was before I decided to try some Channeling spells and bumped up the Channeling attributes. That's when I saw this in the list...


I think this is the most gorgeous looking caster weapon I've seen in this game. I want to have channeling points just to use it. They had BETTER not change this one. And I do hope it's available to PvE.... maybe as a collector weapon.