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20-01-2006, 14:07
Been off for 5 months now, but the Beta Weekends is the most fun I had on GW for a long long time.

I pretty much took the concept of the old Frag Mes introduced to me by Arrendondo and replaced the Phantom Pain ----> Shatter Delusion -----> Virulance combo w/ the Assassin's Black Mantis ---> Temple Strike ---> Twisting Fangs.

Since I don't have the faction to get all the upgrades and runes I'm wanting, I'm still fine tuning things.

(Without Runes)

Illusion 10
Inspiration 6
Dagger Mastery 11
Critical Strikes 8

Fragilty - 16 sec, 15 dmg
Black Mantis Thrust
Temple Strikes
Twisted Fangs
Drain Enchantment
Ether Feast

The dmg spike is nice, but I'm trying get more out of it. Hopefully once Ive unlocked some runes and weapon upgrades itll flow better.

I also tried this as a Mes main, but I usually ended up distortion kiting 3 Assassins most of the time. >.<
Also, the mana return from Critical Strikes is nice since the combo requires 35 mana and my max is 27.

Give it a try and let me know if you guys find any improvements.^^

21-01-2006, 02:05
Hey! What a cool build concept, probably an improvement from the Me/W version that uses Sword skills (just not enough damage output).

But, I'm afraid this doesn't belong in the Mes forum Awcasper!

21-01-2006, 02:32
Also note, that the daggers higher attack rate makes them good weapons for a spinal shivers build, but the problem is getting a cold damage mod, seeing as you cannot unlock mods for assassin weapons yet.