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21-01-2006, 09:34
Hey guys. How about make W/A with ssin attacks and flourish? Could be v. interesting build adding skills like endure pain, power attack, sprint(!).

Or making A/W flourish and skills like golden lotus strike, black lotus strike...

21-01-2006, 09:41
A/W + Charge + Shadow Step = :grin:

21-01-2006, 13:59
That's a great idea...Flourish was so totally useless before. However to get energy out of it you need to be primary WAR instead of...um, ***, but even just the recharge should be useful.

22-01-2006, 23:39
I've given this a try, and here's what I came up with. Decent but not wonderful.

12 Strength (base 10, +1 helm, +1 minor rune)
12 Dagger Mastery
8 Shadow Arts

Way of the Lotus
Black Mantis Thrust
Jungle Strike
Twisting Fangs
Power Attack
Shadow Refuge
Rez. Signet

Gladiators Armor is necessary to have enough energy to use the entire attack chain with no delays. The minor Str Rune was used because I didn't have the faction to finally unlock the Superior and because I figured this build needs all the HP it can get anyway.

As far as usage goes, just run down the list for the first 6 skills. Way of the Lotus gives the hex necessary for Black Mantis to Cripple. Twisting Fangs will cost nearly the last of your energy but triggers Way of the Lotus to pay back 9 energy. Then Power Attack and quickly Flourish to catch all 4 attacks skills while they're recharging. That gives you full energy and everything but Way of the Lotus. So just use Black Mantis, Jungle, and Twisting again. Since I had a Cripple-lengthening weapon, Jungle Strike was pretty much guaranteed to get it's extra damage this second time. Anyway, delay a little until Flourish is almost ready, then use Power Attack and Flourish. Before long Way of the Lotus should be ready again and it all starts over. At least that's the ideal way for it to go.

Damage seemed good but not great. At least the Cripple, Bleeding, and Deep Wound will help you. But you *have* to remember to keep chaining and timing everything to make the best use of Flourish. Otherwise if you do things the wrong way and run out of energy, your effectiveness really drops unless you wait for *all* your energy to recharge to restart the whole chain.

The build lacks interrupts and stance removal but I suppose Disrupting Chop or Wild Blow could be substituted in for Power Attack. Wild Blow would still have to be used right before Flourish otherwise it would recharge before you could use Flourish.

The big downside is defense and self-healing. Shadow Refuge only gives 78 health at those stats, and repeated use kills your energy making it harder to go back on the offensive. Swapping out Shadow Arts for Tactics reduces Way of the Lotus to crap energy regain which breaks the attack chain after Twisting Fangs. If you swap out that for a cheaper Dual Attack then you lose the Deep Wound and Bleeding.

I looked at using other lead and offhand skills but I didn't see anything I could put together for a really effective chain (and I didn't have the faction to play around with any more).

In the end, I'd rather go with some other build. Seems like there are more effective builds with either primary Assassin with a chain based around an elite dagger skill, or just forget the Assassin and go back to a classic Warrior build.

26-01-2006, 22:42
I was thinking Flourish Assassin too, but even if you get a nice build goign with it. . . it's way Way to easy to shout down Flourish.

Energy denial
Interrupts (even worse if your combing)
COnditions like blind and crip
hexes that slow your attack speed
the list goes on and on.

02-10-2006, 13:28
I prefer W/A with Warrior's Endurance at 13 strength - 3 energy for every hit you make for 19 seconds ^^

02-10-2006, 13:54
I prefer W/A with Warrior's Endurance at 13 strength - 3 energy for every hit you make for 19 seconds ^^

Now THAT'S thread necromancy! 8 months... Factions wasn't even live!

02-10-2006, 14:19
Now THAT'S thread necromancy! 8 months... Factions wasn't even live!

Heh.. Was looking for forum posts from google... this thread was in the archives.