View Full Version : Vendetta's N/A Build ( Blood Shadow )

22-01-2006, 07:27
Blood 16
Soul Reaping 3
Dagger 12
1) Black Mantis Thrust
2) Jungle Strike / Wild Strike ( Iway killer )
3) Horns Of The Ox
4) Vampiric Gaze
5) Life Siphon
6) Life Transfer
7) Strip Enchantment
8) Rezz Signet

I've found out this build works great in RA and TA's... the immense draining power of this build allowing to cripple down your targets and knock them down once the combo is done is deadly to most players.

I always start with dropping a life siphon on a random player that isnt my main target to 1) give me a +3 hp regen before going in 2) make the main target focus on something else.
Then drop another siphon on your main target and start off with the combo...Once combo is done land off your life transfer and repeat your combo... on a knockdown back up and recast ur siphons on random targets.
I usually finish them off with vamp gaze since this cannot be blocked/evaded and most importantly this is a ranged attack :-)

Use strip enchantment on those annoying bonders and healing breezes or just to heal you back up to safety to start redraining.

The big weakness of this build is 1) speed (you have no speed enhancement like most assassins) 2) you have no evading techniques which make you vounerable (sorry for the spelling) for melee attacks and conditions.
But usually if you time your drains right the hp regen should make this up long enough for your monk to land a heal.

Hope you enjoy it :-)

-Zentek- (X Vendetta X [BB])
Blood Brothers For Ever