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22-01-2006, 12:58
A build I made up looking at the assassin skills:
-Zodiac Armor and maybe Infiltrator's Boots (if they give a global effect)
-Zealous Sai of Fortitude

Dagger Mastery 11+2
Critical Hits 11+4
Deadly Arts (?)
Shadow Arts (?)

1. Critical Defenses (Attribute: Critical Strikes)
2. Critical Eye (Attribute: Critical Strikes)
3. Repeating Strike (Attribute: Dagger Mastery)
4. Way of the Empy Palm [Elite Enchantment Spell] (Attribute: Deadly Arts)
5. Way of Perfection (Attribute: Shadow Arts)
6. Mantis Sting/Gold Lotus Strike (Attribute: Dagger Mastery)
7. Jungle Strike/Fox Fangs (Attribute: Dagger Mastery)
8. Res Signet

As I don't have all skills unlocked and almost no runes I cannot test this build and that is why I am unsure of the exact balance for the attribute levels . The idea was to spam Repeating Strike to gain health and energy till your target drops, My main problem is the fact fact that the skill "Way Of Perfection" is in the Shadow Arts attribute line meaning you would have to spread your attribue points rather thinly. I was wondering if anyone is running a similar build as I am limited by my small amount of faction. You could choose the Mantis Sting->Jungle Strike Route to get to the Repeating Strike spam or Gold Lotus Strike->Fox Fangs->Repeating Strike.

As I don't have enough time to play or enough access to the skills for play testing I can't give much insight so I was wondering if anyone out there has tested or tried something similar...:sunny:

Too Hot Fo You
22-01-2006, 14:26
The build is not that bad. What you have to take out is way of perfection. The selfhealing is not that good, as your chance to hit a crit strike is not 100%, so not every repeating strike is an crit hit. Fit in "Wild Strike" instead, because if your target has a stance and repeating strike misses, your whole build is screwed. That's if you don't want to spread attributes, although way of perfection is very nice.

04-02-2006, 19:14
No I don't think my build is that bad considering it is just a paper build and a rough sketch because of that. I had no time to test it and as I would use it in TA I may include a Necro with Rigor Mortis although Wild Blow is a nice thought. The healing isn't really amazing but it provides the monk a little more breathing space. This build would need a monk with healing, condition removal and hex removal and a necro with rigor mortis and maybe some order spells to make it excel in my opinion