View Full Version : Ashes.. Good idea?

axe avenger
22-01-2006, 16:17
Alright well im sure you all know of the gear trick or book trick. if not, its when the tank holds the book in fow or gear in sf to take all of the agro. Will a ritualist holding ashes take agro like that?

22-01-2006, 16:59
I would say not overly so.

You must consider that the 'Master Gear (?)' is an inherent 'part' of Sorrow's Furnace, whereas the Rt's 'urns' are not.

Admittedly though, the Rt would also be considered by the enemy AI as a 'squishy' and therefore, 'fairer game'?

axe avenger
22-01-2006, 17:02
alright thanks for the info!

22-01-2006, 22:22
Does anybody know if ashes affect you if you are knocked down? (aftershock, meteor storm for example). I am interested if an effect of Protective was Koalai can be disrupted if you are down.