View Full Version : Ritualist/Assassin on PvE: will it be of any use?

22-01-2006, 18:33
Checking the ritualist's skills, and taking a quick glance at the assassin's skills, I wonder how could they match decently if one were to make a Rt/A character.

I'm asking this because I surely plan on making a Ritualist character when the new GW:Factions will be on sale, but, since I don't think I'll ever make an Assassin character to develop in PvE, I'll probably have to make Rt/A so that I'll manage to unlock the assassin's skills for a quick use on PvP characters (I usually prefer unlocking skills than using a loooot of Balthazar factions to buy them all).

Yet, would my choice be but a bad one? A Rt/A doesn't seem like a good combination at all.

Opinions on this matter? Would a Rt/A on PvE manage to work as a good mix?

Sic Jake
22-01-2006, 18:43

The shadow skills will allow you to hit/heal and run. Other decent combos as well. It wouldn't be my first choice of a character but there are no bad class combinations.

As/Rt would work more for me. You could fight as normal for Assassin and use the Rt healing spells to cover your health.

I think the greatest thing about Rt's is they can heal even if it's their secondary class. Characters with secondary monk are great for many things, but without Divine Favour, healing is sub par. With a character having Rt has their secondary or primary doesn't matter as the heal spells are still the same.

22-01-2006, 20:58
The assasin has many run/teleportation skills. Casters always lack the ability to get away. If you want a Ri/As build try healing/damage dealing with the ri part, and teleporting away, running with the As part.

22-01-2006, 22:58
I'd imagine there will be ways to change your secondary proffession in Factions as well. So maybe when you unlock a majority (or all, depending on what you do) of the Asn skills then you may choose to change from Rt/A to Rt/x.

22-01-2006, 23:32
I think a great Rt/A combo would be Wanderlust + the 2 Shadow Arts skills that punish moving (forget the names). That way an enemy wont be able to to anything without taking damage. As for A/Rt you can use some weapon skills to add some great effects to your attacks. Ill try to think of some more.

23-01-2006, 00:40
Personally I think Soul Twist {Elite} has some potential.

-Destroy target allied Spirit, the next spirit you cast, casts 66% faster and Recharges instantly.

Think about useing an Assasin teleport skill and throwing down a 1 second Dissonance into the enemys backline Or dropping a Shadowsong right into the midst into an Enemy Ranger Spike Team.

Damn that's gonna be my first GW:F PvP character.

The Rt/A Soul Twist Teleporting Offensive Spirit Bomber.

I know this is a thread for PvE builds but I'm just throwing out some ideas.

23-01-2006, 08:38
Thank you for the suggestions!
Reading all the comments, I no longer have doubts that I can make a Rt/A and still use the skills of both primay and secondary if needed. I'm relieved! :) I didn't know well the assassin skills because so far I have mostly played ritualist in that special beta-weekend event, so by only quickly reading about some assassin skills I couldn't effectively realize how they worked and if they could have been used for a primary class ritualist.

In answer to Sic Jake, though, well, I'm not convinced that a second class ritualist will heal just as a first class ritualist. There's an attribute about spirit's efficiency that only first class ritualists have, isn't it? So it's a bit like monk's divine favor. I find it necessary, anyway, or a second class ritualist would have too many advantages if he can heal as a first class (imagine a elementalist/ritualist that can heal with an insane amount of energy... everyone would be a el/rt!).